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Questions on Comparative Literature

1.  Where was Bertolt Brecht born?
  in Berlin
  in Moscow
  in Augsburg
  in Zurich
2. What is NOT true of Brecht's "epic" theater?
  It is kind of "epic", that is, narrative or story-telling.
  Action must be limited within a day and a night.
  Actors must be conscious of their acting.
  Spectators should sit back and watch the action critically.
3.  Max  Frisch was born:
  in Rome
  in Berlin
  in Zurich
  in New York
4.  Frisch was NOT the winner of
    the Georg-Büchner-Prize
    the Nobel Prize
    the Schiller Prize of Baden-Württemberg
    the Charles-Veillon-Prize
5.   All the following authors were winners of  Nobel-Prize-for-Literature except for
       Bertolt Brecht
       Hermann Hesse
       Heinrich Böll 
       Thomas Mann
6.  Frisch's The Chinese Wall is NOT about
       the threat of nuclear weapons
       the abuse of power
       the tyranny
       the conservation of the Great Wall of China
7.  It  is NOT the similarity between Caucasian Chalk Circle and The Chinese Wall:
        that both are farces
        that both have a theatrical character
        that both have verses
        that both have direct appeals ad spectatores
8.  In chalk circle plays of Li Xingdao and Brecht, the chalk circle is
        a magic circle
       a symbol for many things: mirror, oracle, formality of court
       a wise and successful device to discover  truth and decide a case
       a literary club
9.    Frisch's The Chinese Wall is mainly influenced by
       Thomas Mann
       Bertolt Brecht and Thornton Wilder
       Sigmund Freud
       inner monologue
10.   Which of the following statements for The Yellow Jacket is NOT true?
        It is a play written by American authors.
        Its spectators are made conscious of their being in an American theater.
        Every character  introduces him-/her-self at the entrance.
        It is a Chinese play done in a Chinese manner.
11.   The theatrical character like the Greek theater's chorus does NOT appear
        in the Chinese chalk circle play.
        in The Yellow Jacket by George Hazelton and Henry Benrimo.
        in Thornton Wilder's Our Town.
        in Brecht's chalk circle play.
12.   Grusha and Haitang in both chalk circle plays have in common
        that both of them are maids who take care of their child.
        that both of them are the mothers of their child.
        that both of them are the women who care about their child.
        that both of them are not the mothers of their child.
13.    Azdak and Bao Zeng in both chalk circle plays have in common
        that both know who the natural mother of the child is.
        that both are bad judges.
        that both are impartial judges.
        that both know how to test the motherhood of two women claiming it.
14.    Dramatic characters do NOT have theatrical communication with the spectators
        in Hazelton's The Yellow Jacket
        in Li's Chalk Circle
        in Brecht's  Caucasian Chalk Circle
        in Frisch's The Chinese Wall
15.    These parallels for Frisch's Mee Lan and Li's Haitang are all true EXCEPT
        that both are Chinese female characters.
        that both are not characters of contemporary China.
        that both talk to the spectators.
        that both have love problem with a man.
16.  The Epic Theater was created by
       Gerhart Hauptmann
       Max Frisch
       Bertolt Brecht
       Friedrich Dürrenmatt
17.   Which of the following is true of  Brecht's Three-Penny Opera?
        It is an adaptation of Kurt Weill's Three-Penny Opera.
        It is Brecht's own invention.
        It is an adaptation of  Li's Chinese chalk circle play Hui Lan Ji.
        It is an adaptation of John Gay's Beggars' Opera.
18.    Brecht's "historization (Historisierung)" means all the following BUT
       that current events should be presented in historical settings.
       that action should be narrated as past event.
       that one should produce historical drama like Shakespeare's plays.
       that audience should distance themselves from the action by viewing it as past.
19.    All the following reasons of  Max Frisch calling his The Chinese Wall a "farce" are true EXCEPT
        that it is just for fun and does not contain serious messages.
        that the construction of the Chinese Wall in a our nuclear age a farce.
        that it ridicules the ever recurring endeavors to halt the march of time.
        that the play contains many farce-like features.
20.    All the observations of  Hazelton's The Yellow Jacket are true EXCEPT
        that  it was written  by  non-Chinese authors.
        that the chorus is a Chinese convention.
        that it employs theatrical conventions of the Chinese theater.
        that it deals with a traditional topics of the Chinese theater.
21.     Thomas Mann was NOT influenced by
        Bertolt Brecht
        Richard Wagner
22.    Bertolt Brecht was the author of
        Galileo [Leben des Galilei]
        Draußen vor der Tür
        Doctor Faustus
23.   Max Frisch was the author of
       Tonio Kröger
       Biedermann und Brandstifter
       The Visit [Besuch der alten Dame]
       Lieutenant Gustl
24.    Brecht did NOT write this play:
       Man is Man
       Good Woman of Sichuan
       Three-Penny Opera
25.   Brecht  died:
       in Augsburg
       in Santa Monica (California)
       in Berlin
       in Zurich
26.    Which of the following is NOT the main topic of Bertolt Brecht's Three-Penny Opera:
       the individuals' private life (love of Mackie and Polly).
       the struggle between gangsters and business.
       the collaboration between the police and gangsters.
       the poverty of the capitalist society.

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