Beyond Genre Program

Beyond Genre: Conference Schedule     

April 20

Friday morning – 9:00, Clark 206       
Chair: Daniel Goldmark
Alyssa Mehnert – “Choose Your Favorite Dance Orchestra—Now!”: The Pittsburgh Courier’s Write-In Contest
Aaron Johnson- In the Mix: Jazz’s Tenacious Presence on Black Appeal Radio
Jonathan Gomez- Genre is not a Black Thing: Jazz, Popular Music, and the Lost Nationalism of Black Music                 

Break – 10:30                        

Friday morning – 11:00, Clark 206   
Chair: David Ake
Andrew Berish – Bing Crosby is Too Romantic: Popular Music, Hollywood film, and Sentimentality in Wartime America
Gretchen Carlson- From Gramophone to Grammy: Jazz as Popular Music in
the Boardwalk Empire Compilation Soundtracks
Ken Prouty- Not a Hint of Jazz: The Politics of Selling Out in La La Land

Lunch – 12:30-2:00

Friday afternoon – 2:00, Clark 206  
Chair: Brian Wright
Charles Carson- Jazz and the Quiet Storm
Zach Diaz- “…they flipped it like Madlib did a old jazz standard…”:  Reinterpretation and Interpolation in Madlib’s Shades of Blue
Hannah Judd- Solange, Sun Ra, and Afrofuturist Lineages at Radio City Music Hall                 

KEYNOTE – 4:00, Harkness Classroom
David Brackett, McGill University
Between R&B and Jazz: Gentrification and Cultural Prestige in African American Music, 1966

April 21

Saturday morning 1a – 9:00, Clark 206            
Chair: Charles Hersch
Mikkel Vad- European Jazz Voices in the American Pop Landscape: The Case of Alice Babs
Sean Lorre- “Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean”: Reassessing the Role of Women and the Popular in Early 1960s’ British R&B Revivalism
Catherine Tackley- Jazz as Unpopular Music

Saturday morning 1b – 9:00, Clark 309     
Chair: Steve Waksman
Todd Decker- “Start All Over Again”: Fred Astaire Re-routines his Film Songs as Jazz Pop Records
Christopher Wells- “Bop Fiends”: Bebop Dance, Afro-Modernity, and Black Youth at Mid-Century
Sarah Town- NG La Banda, “The band in charge”: Jazz meets pop on a Caribbean dance floor

Break- 10:30      

Saturday morning 2a – 11:00, Clark 206        
Chair: Ken Prouty
Adrianne Honnold- “Unacknowledged Ubiquity”: The saxophone in popular music
Brian Wright- “These Jazzers Think They Own Jaco”: The Posthumous Legacy of Jaco Pastorius
Ken Ge   – Transgression and Transcendence in 1970s Electroacoustic Jazz Bass Timbres

Saturday morning 2b – 11:00, Clark 309 
Chair: Barry Shank
James Aldridge- “Double You, Enny Double You”: Appropriated Sounds and Styles in 1960s New York Radio
Peter Selinsky- Marketing Musical Malapropisms:
[Re-]Presenting Jazz, Hindustani, and Popular Music Hybrids 1965-1977

Lunch – 12:30-2:00

KEYNOTE: 2:00, Clark 309 
Sherrie Tucker, University of Kansas
The Best of Jazz, the Worst of Jazz: Why I Play the Adaptive Use Musical Instrument                 

Saturday afternoon 3a – 3:30, Clark 206       
Chair: Andrew Berish
Sarah Suhadolnik- Friendly Meetings Abroad: Navigating Geographies of Genre on Basin Street
Steve Waksman- Reproducing the Jazz Concert: Norman Granz and Jazz at the Philharmonic
Kim Teal- Interdisciplinary Elevation: The Role of Mixed Media in Jason Moran’s Reclamation of Jazz History

Saturday afternoon 3b – 3:30, Clark 309
Chair: Catherine Tackley
Alan Stanbridge- Swingin’ in the Ol’ Corral: Jazz meets Country Music
Jacob Cohen,Macaulay Honors College, CUNY- When Branford Marsalis Jammed With the Grateful Dead
Nathan  Seinen   – Beyond Aja: Elements of Jazz in Steely Dan’s Gaucho

Saturday evening – 7:00