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6th Annual

Western Reserve Studies Symposium



The Western Reserve Historical Society

Cleveland, Ohio


November 8-9, 1991

Friday, November 8, 1991

1:30 Welcome & Introduction
Gladys Haddad, Symposium Director

"Euclid Avenue: A Linear Neighborhood of Grandeur"
Jan Cigliano, Author of Showplace of America: Cleveland's Euclid Avenue 1850-1910

Wilma Salisbury, Plain Dealer

3:00 Exhibition "Showplace of America: Cleveland's Millionaire's Row, 'The Most Beautiful Street in the World'"
Dean Zimmerman, Western Reserve Historical Society


Gallery Tours
4:00 "Was Euclid Avenue A Neighborhood? A Cleveland Conundrum Viewed in Historical Perspective"
John Grabowski, Western Reserve Historical Society

Response to "Was Euclid Avenue A Neighborhood?"

Robert C. Gaede, Architect
Norman Krumholz, City Planner
Anthony J. Asher, Developer
Rolland F. Smith, Neighborhood Centers
Chris Warren, Cleveland Community Development

5:30 Reception
6:00 Dinner
7:00 A 1916 Clevelandiana Film Classic
"The Perils of Society"
Elaine G. Hadden and Rudolph H. Garfield, Jr., Narrators

Saturday, November 9, 1991

9:30 Rural Neighborhoods
Chair: Judi Sheridan

Eli Miller

"The Neighborhood of the Mind: Lake Erie Commercial Fishermen"
Patrick B. Mullen

Christine Borkan

10:45 Break/Refreshments

11:00 "Western Reserve Neighborhoods as the Stuff of Fiction"
Scott Sanders, Author, Wilderness Plots

James McConkey, Author, Court of Memory

12:30 Lunch

1:30 "Writing About a Cleveland Neighborhood"
Raymond de Capite, Author, All Our Former Frolics

2:15 Urban Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods: In The Beginning...
Chair: Thomas C. Campbell

David Goldberg

"Glenville/East 105th"
Genevieve Ray

Daniel Nelson

3:30 "What's in Store for the Neighborhood? Neighborhoods Then, There and in the Future"
Atwood Gaines, Case Western Reserve University

4:00 Adjournment

For more information call Professor Gladys Haddad, Symposium Director, at Case Western Reserve University (216) 368-4117,
or email Professor Haddad