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Seminars in the Department of Biology are typically held weekly or biweekly. The members of the Department invite speakers from other institutions and from within the University to give seminar lectures on their research. In addition, graduate students present their research as part of their degree requirements. Seminars are a valuable time for the members of Biology to come together for socialization and scientific discourse.

Department of Biology Seminar Series

Unless otherwise stated, all seminars begin on Thursdays at 4:15 pm in DeGrace 312.

Seminar Schedule: Dept. of Biology, Spring 2014

1/16 – No Seminar

1/23 – Joshua Martin, Department of Biology, Case Western Reserve University

            Title:  TBA

1/30 – Carl Anthony, Department of Biology, John Carroll University

            Title: “Exploring niche divergence in a polymorphic salamander”

2/6 – TBA

2/13 – TBA

2/20 – TBA

2/27 – TBA

3/6 - Michael Reiser, Janelia Farm, HHMI research campus

            Title: TBA

3/13No Seminar, Spring Break

3/20 – TBA

3/27 – Katherine Krynak, Department of Biology, Case Western Reserve University

Title: “It's not easy being green: the effects of anthropogenic environmental change on amphibian innate immune defense traits”

4/3 – Tom Baker, Department of Entomology, Pennsylvania State University

            Title: TBA

4/10 – Volker Rudolf, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Rice University

Title: “Thinking inside the box: Community level consequences of stage structured populations”

4/17 – Eve Marder, Brandeis University

            Title: TBA

            NOTE:  Dr. Marder’s seminar will start at 4pm in DeGrace 312

4/23 - Baldomero Olivera, Interdepartmental Program in Neuroscience, The University of Utah

            Title:  TBA

  NOTE:  Dr. Olivera’s seminar is co-hosted with CWRU Neuroscience on WEDENSDAY.  Time and location TBA.