Julie DeJager Glavic, MA

Manager of Research Administrative Operations
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Julie Glavic oversees and manages the collection and organization of all program-related information needs of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (Case CCC). She designs and implements systematic approaches to collecting and updating the information needed to ensure accuracy and timeliness in reporting across the Center's 3 consortium institutions.

Julie is lead administrator for EVAL (a system designed by Forte primarily for NCI-designated cancer center data collection), developing processes for data collection and import into the system, and designing reports to extract information for reporting and review purposes. She works closely with Program Leaders to ensure all required information meets the highest standards for relevance and accuracy, and provides ongoing guidance as needed in all aspects of Case CCC reporting requirements. She oversees and manages the production of grant applications, reports, and presentations that are initiated and submitted through the Case CCC, and maintains the active grants databases required by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).