Case CCC - Tanzania - Uganda U54 HIV-associated Cancer Career Development Award

Junior faculty members and established faculty wishing to refocus are invited to submit proposals for career development projects of up to $40,000 to be funded by the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (Case CCC) - Tazania - Uganda HIV-associated Lung Cancer Collaborative. This training program is funded by the NCI U54 mechanism and is a collaboration between Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), the Case CCC, University Hospitals (UH), Makerere University, the Joint Clinical Research Center (JCRC), Uganda Cancer Institute, National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) Tanzania, Muhimbili National Hospital, and the Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI). Full-time faculty at or above instructor-level at any of the aforementioned institutions are eligible.

Mentoring is an integral component of this Developmental Core led funding mechanism. Potential mentor (primary mentor) and mentoring committee (2-3 faculty members) should be specifically called out in application. The purpose of the mentoring committee is to provide a training relationship that focuses on the specific needs of the candidate in developing skills for cancer research. The committee is expected to meet 2/x per year virtually or in person. Both the mentor and mentee will be asked to assess the effectiveness of the interaction every 6 months.

The review committee will consist of faculty from U.S., Uganda and Tanzanian participating institutions.

Ranking Criteria

  1. Significance and relevance of the proposal HIV-associated lung cancer
  2. Innovation
  3. Scientific merit
  4. Strength of applicant
  5. Mentorship plan
  6. Value added to overall goals of the U54
  7. Likelihood of development into independent funding.

Proposals Guidelines

  • Proposal (5 pages) in length (excluding references) as follows: (29000 characters with spaces, Arial font, 11)
    • Specific aims (1 page)
    • Background and significance (1-2 pages)
    • Experimental Design (2-3 pages)
  • NIH biosketches for all faculty participants

  • Detailed budget using Case CCC pilot budget form. Award Budget limited to $40,000. 


October 15, 2021 with funding expected to begin November 2021.


Contact for more information. 

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