Opportunities for Pilot Projects from Team Science Award

The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (Case CCC) is providing seed funding for innovative and impactful proposals that will generate key data for nationally competitive multi-investigator/team grants (P01, U01, SPORE, etc.). Projects must be focused on the establishment or support of a collaborative effort by a team of 3 or more independent investigators with the goal of submitting a team science grant application. 

This RFA is open to all senior Case CCC faculty members. All proposals cannot be concurrently funded by other sources or by the Cancer Center. 

Award Description: 

  • Each research project can request a budget of up to $180,000. 
  • Research projects should be completed within 18 months. 
  • Funds must be expended within the 18 month funding period, as cost extensions will not be granted. 
  • Successful teams will be eligible for continued Case CCC Multi-PI grant support at the conclusion of the award. 

Funding Criteria: 

  • Teams of 3 or more senior Case CCC members. 
  • Projects must be highly integrative, collaborative, and driven to submit a team science grant proposal (e.g., P01, U01, SPORE, etc.) to be deemed responsive to this RFA. 
  • Teams must provide a "Statement of Need" outlining proposed use of requested funds.
  • Projects must have a high likelihood of subsequent national-level funding. 
  • Investigators can be collaborators on multiple applications; however, investigators can only serve as PI on 1 application per year. 
  • All funds for shared resources must involve Case CCC shared resources unless the use of a shared resource(s) at another NCI-funded is sufficiently justified. 


Full application due Friday, March 18, 2022.

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