VeloSano Trainee Dream Experiment Awards

With the generous support from VeloSano Bike to Cure, the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (Case CCC) provided funding for Case CCC Trainee Associate Members to perform their “dream experiment." The intent of the awards is to support a single or limited set of innovative experiments. 

Applications were awarded for experiments that catalyze highly innovative and impactful projects to help strengthen fellowship and career development grant applications. 

To help trainees prepare competitive applications, William Schiemann, PhD, Chair of the NCI fellowship review panel presented “Fellowship Writing 101” at an introductory fellowship preparatory luncheon in May. An NCI-style review panel included Case CCC Faculty Members and Case CCC Trainee Associate Members as reviewers to provide our trainees with insight into the review process. Recommendations for funding from the review panel were approved by the Case CCC Executive Committee.

2020 VeloSano Trainee Dream Experiment Awardees

For 2020, six one-year, $10,000 awards were funded.

Benjamin Bryson, Postdoc
Mentor: Ruth Keri, PhD
"Elucidating NEK2 effectors in triple-negative breast cancer"

Leslie Cuellar-Vite, Graduate Student
Mentor: Ruth Keri, PhD
"Elucidating Intrinsic Resistance Mechanisms to Everolimus, an mTORC1 inhibitor, in Triple Negative Breast Cancer"

Jennifer Gordon, Fellow
Mentor: Stefanie Avril, MD
"Neighborhood Deprivation, vaginal microbiome, and the social, political, and environmental factors driving disparities in endometrial cancer"

Lucas Osborn, Graduate Student
Mentor: Jan Claesen, PhD
"Gut Microbial Metabolite Mediated Suppression of Glioblastoma Progression"

Dennis Watson, Fellow
Mentor: Justin Lathia, PhD
"Pro-tumorigenic reprogramming of glioblastoma by acquisition of exogenous mitochondria from the tumor microenvironment"

Zeng Peng, Graduate Student
Mentor: Alvin Schmaier, MD
"Characterization of Immune Cell-Induced Vascular Inflammation in Ponatinib-Treated Mice"

2019 VeloSano Trainee Dream Experiment Awardees

For 2019, eight one-year, $10,000 awards were funded.

Prabhani Atukorale, Postdoc
Mentor: Efstathios Karathanasis, PhD
"Immuno-nanoparticles for 'prime-pull' cancer vaccination and the identification of CD8+ neo-antigens"

Defne Bayik, Postdoc
Mentor: Justin Lathia, PhD
"Therapeutic targeting of communication between systemic immunity and gut microbiome in glioblastoma"

Bhavuk Garg, Postdoc
Mentor: Seth Corey, MD, MPH
"Mutational cooperativity driven clonal advantage is a model for leukemic evolution"

Uriel Kim, Graduate/Medical Student
Mentor: Johnie Rose, MD, PhD
"Bridging the clinical-community divide: understanding how to better deliver lung cancer screenings at a community-scale"

Ashwin Kishtagari, Fellow
Mentor: Yogen Saunthararajah, MD
"A first-in-class ISWI epigenetic therapy for acute myeloid leukemia"

Nathaniel Robinson, Graduate/Medical Student
Mentor: William Schiemann, PhD
"Characterizing the role of SLX4IP in breast cancer metastasis through telomere proteome dynamics"

Darcie Seachrist, Graduate Student
Mentor: Ruth Keri, PhD
"Identification of the BCL11A-regulated secretome of triple-negative breast cancer cells"

Lindsay Stetson, Postdoc
Mentor: David Wald, MD, PhD
"Leukemic initiating cell heterogeneity and evolution in the progress of acute myeloid leukemia"