Great Lakes Breast Cancer Symposium

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October 25-26, 2021 | Virtual

The symposium highlights ongoing basic, translational, clinical and population studies addressing the biological mechanisms, management and prevention of breast cancer. Researchers from participating institutions will share their exciting work with a goal to develop cross-institutional collaborations.

Keynote Speaker

Portrait of Helen Piwnica Worms

Helen Piwnica-Worms, PhD
Professor, Department of Experimental Radiation Oncology, Division of Radiation Oncology; Senator AM Aiken Jr. Distinguished Chair
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Piwnica-Worms' research focuses on identifying alterations with functional significance to the development and progression of breast cancer. A major effort is directed towards elucidating the contribution made by heterogeneity (genomic, phenotypic, spatial and compositional) in both the tumor and its microenvironment to cancer progression, metastasis and resistance to therapy. A second major effort is understanding how fasting and certain diets protect stem cells and promote organismal survival in the presence of lethal forms of DNA damage.


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