Abby Statler, PhD, MPH, MA

Cancer Prevention
Control and Population Research Program
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Research Information

Research Interests

Our group was the first to study the relationship between eligibility criteria and adverse events in randomized controlled trials of hematologic malignancies. This study demonstrated some criteria, specifically those related to organ function abnormalities, may be overly restrictive, ultimately compromising the generalizability of the trials’ results. Next, we explored ineligibility trends and compared the outcomes of patients eligible vs. ineligible for Southwest Oncology Group leukemia trials. Our results revealed safety and efficacy outcomes were comparable between eligible and ineligible patients, suggesting specific criteria may be liberalized without compromising patient safety.  To further expand this work, data from real-world patients, not enrolled on clinical trials, will also be analyzed. We are currently developing a protocol that will compare safety and efficacy outcomes for patients with clinically insignificant organ function abnormalities to those without such abnormalities. Characterizing the safety profiles of these patients will be particularly important, for this data could inform the management of the specific adverse events expected for the population of patients traditionally excluded from clinical trials due to trivial organ dysfunction. This is particularly important for minority subpopulations, for these patients have high rates of organ function abnormalities. Additional work will be focused on addressing cancer health disparities.

External Appointments

Research Associate, Cancer Biostatistics
Cleveland Clinic