Brian Hobbs, PhD

Section Head
Cancer Biostatistics
Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University
Associate Staff
Quantitative Health Sciences
Cleveland Clinic
Hematopoietic and Immune Cancer Biology Program
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Research Information

Research Interests

I've made contributions to advance knowledge in multiple areas of statistics and data science as well as contributed to numerous research projects endeavoring to advance human understanding of biomedicine in cancer. My recent publications have established methodological frameworks for facilitating various scientific applications: statistical methods for designs of basket and platform trials, group sequential trial designs that monitor subpopulations for exchangeability as well as characterize efficacy versus toxicity trade-offs, personalized treatment selection algorithms derived from Bayesian partial exchangeability networks, integrative analysis of imaging features and genomics, and classification and subtyping methodology for cancer radiomics based on spatial and non-parametric Bayesian hierarchical modeling. Through multidisciplinary collaboration, I've further contributed to biomedical science, predominately in areas related to cancer imaging, prospective study design, and through implementation of Bayesian meta-analysis. My current research endeavors to establish optimal validation designs for biomarker-guided therapeutic strategies; develop quantitative methods that facilitate integrative analysis of imaging biomarkers to enhance understanding of tumor heterogeneity as well as detect malignant tissues or sites of healthy tissue toxicity; and identify integrative biomarkers of pathology and pre-therapy imaging that could be used to personalize treatment strategies involving immunotherapeutic regimes.

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