OnCore Clinical Trials Management System

The On-line Clinical Oncology Research Environment (OnCore) is an Internet-based solution providing the security, auditablity, and process visibility that are essential to meeting the demands of managing cancer-related clinical trials. The following provides a high-level overview of some of the key categories of the OnCore system. Most of these features can be accessed via appropriate Role-based Consoles that concentrate the information and activities relevant to different staff roles such as Principal Investigators, Research Nurses, Data Managers, Data Monitors, Cancer Center Administrators, or Biostatisticians. A console represents a single focal point designed to meet the work-related needs of a given role.

The high degree of configurability provided by OnCore means that it can be easily customized to match the needs of different institutions and integrate with existing operating procedures. An important advantage of this approach is that all Oncore installations are based on common, highly stable, industrial strength software without sacrificing the benefits of customization.

OnCore provides:

  • Study Setup and Activation
  • Study Tracking and Committee Coordination
  • Subject Eligibility Verification
  • Subject Registration
  • Safety Monitoring
  • Accrual Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Custom Case Report Forms & Case Report Form Data Collection
  • Protocol and Subject Data Review
  • Data Monitoring
  • Data Export
  • Access Logs and Audit Trails