Reducing Functional Health Disparities Among Older Breast Cancer Survivors
Cynthia Owusu, MD
Sponsor Award# R01MD009699

Enhancing Quiltline Services for Black Smokers: RCT of an Evidence-Based DVD
Monica Webb Hooper, PhD
Sponsor Award# 128736-RSG-15-154-01-CPPB

Case Comprehensive Cancer Support Grant: Tobacco Intervention and Psychosocial Support (TIPS)
Monica Webb Hooper, PhD
Sponsor Award# P30CA043703-S

Tobacco Disparities Demonstration Project
Erika Trapl, PhD
Sponsor Award# CSP904017

Getting Ahead for Cancer Control
Heidi Gullett, MD, MPH
Sponsor Award#CCCDA-16-116-01

A Post-Visit Patient Portal Tool to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening
Sue Flocke, PhD
Sponsor Award# R01CA166375


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