The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women empowers all women and promotes gender equity and inclusion throughout the Case Western Reserve University community.


The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women is an inclusive and welcoming space that supports the diverse experiences and aspirations of all women. As a catalyst for positive social change, the Center integrates research and advocacy to engage and inspire people of all gender identities to advance gender equity and inclusion. We provide resources and educational programming to enrich the academic, professional, and personal lives of women in the CWRU community, promoting their success and well-being.

The Center also collaborates with campus and community partners to address contemporary issues affecting women, including the gender-based violence, advancement of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, and professional and leadership development.


The cornerstone of our philosophy is intersectionality, supporting inclusion and gender equity for all identities, and respect for the diverse views and experiences of our community. We celebrate women's contributions to society, create spaces for open dialogue, and promote social justice.