Caryn Foltz

Honorary Community Advisory Board Member

Caryn came to the Community Advisory Board with a broad background of experience. She has a wealth of knowledge in business and played a successful role in a family operated company. She was a hard-working member of the original team that saved the downtown theatres from destruction that now comprise Playhouse Square, which is the country’s largest performance arts district outside of New York. Caryn was also a founder of Friends of Shaker Square and one of its first presidents. Under her guidance Shaker Square became a designated national historic district. Caryn worked for many years at University School as Director of Outreach.

Caryn with her background in activism and writing became a founding member of the CAB. She worked hard on many projects and continues her interest in the Center today. She is particularly proud that the Center is a resource for those experiencing gender-based violence. Through Caryn’s vision and hard work, she has helped create a space open to all that provides meaningful opportunities for education, dialogue and connection.

Caryn passed away in Spring 2017.