Chris Ash

Community Advisory Board Member
Flora Stone Mather Center for Women

Chris Ash (FSM '72, MGT '81)

Chris Ash earned a history degree from Case Western Reserve University in 1972 and holds an MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management. Throughout her four-plus decades at CWRU, Ash has seen incredible change, from groundbreaking discoveries, to campus and neighborhood development, to the comings and goings of thousands of students, faculty and staff. She started in the geology department, served the Dean’s Office of Case Institute of Technology (science and engineering) as an administrative manager and then a budget manager.  She led the business office for the colleges, which joined Case Institute of Technology with Western Reserve College under one dean. She became associate dean of administration and finance for the school. Ash became vice president of financial planning and budget in 2004 and vice president of university planning and institutional research four years later. She retired in 2015. She loves to cook and enjoys reading.