Danielle Bernat Sabo, MA

Assistant Director for Health Education and Violence Prevention
Flora Stone Mather Center for Women

I am the Assistant Director for Health Education & Violence Prevention and a Doctoral Candidate at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. After receiving my BA in Health Communication from Ohio University & pursuing a Masters in Public Health, I choose to apply my research skills towards a PhD in Medical Sociology. My research focuses on the lived experience of trauma and its impact on health outcomes over the life course. I am also a University Instructor and Adjunct Faculty member with 10 years of experience teaching courses on: Gender & Violence, Research Methods, Human Development, Medical Sociology, Feminist Critical Inquiry, & Gender Inequalities. 

As Assistant Director for Health Education and Violence Prevention,  I am responsible for developing and implementing educational programs related to violence prevention; sexual and reproductive health; gender equity and masculinities; family support; and healthy relationships for Case Western Reserve University. In addition, l conduct and provide research related to gender, health, and violence prevention education best practice and advises on policy changes for sexual misconduct, addressing gender inequity, and family leave and support.