Jody A. Kunk-Czaplicki, PhD

Post Doctoral Scholar
Division of Student Affairs
Flora Stone Mather Center for Women


Dr. Jody A. Kunk-Czaplicki (she/her) is a scholar-practitioner of higher education/student affairs (HESA). She earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration at Bowling Green State University, and a masters degree in HESA from the University of South Carolina. After completing her Ph.D., Dr. Jody worked as an Assistant Teaching Professor of HESA, an academic program coordinator of a HESA Ph.D. program, as an adjunct instructor of HESA, and within a leadership minor program for undergraduate students. She has taught all levels of students in courses ranging from the history of American higher education, multicultural competencies in student affairs, current issues of student affairs, organizational change, and introduction to leadership principles. Between her masters degree and enrolling in her Ph.D. program, Jody worked for twelve years in academic and student affairs in multiple different functional areas ranging from Title IX coordination, student conduct, academic bridge programs, housing and residence life, and student athlete services.


Dr. Jody's primary research focuses on the intersection of organizational influences and trauma exposure of student affairs professionals' engaged in trauma-helping work at institutions of higher education in the United States. In collaboration with other scholars, Jody has researched environmental/ organizational influences of disabled students' co-curricular involvement in college and plans to continue collaboration on a research team investigating invisible labor of women-identified classified staff who work in a higher education setting. Dr. Jody is excited to continue her research in these areas to support the mission of The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women as their Postdoctoral scholar.