Karry McMillin Hatch

Community Advisory Board Member
Flora Stone Mather Center for Women

Karry McMillin Hatch, MNO ’95

Currently a stay-at-home mom launching a vintage clothing business, Karry left a career in fundraising and PR 17 years ago. She worked in a variety of organizations, including Vocational Guidance Services, the Centers for Families and Children, Interact, the Junior League of Cleveland, and NOVA in a development capacity. Prior to beginning work in fundraising Karry worked at Marotta Montessori Schools, the Ohio Montessori Training Institute and Head Start. Starting her own family was the impetus to leave an office job and begin the work of raising children. She launched the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “young professionals” board, planned Trinity Cathedral’s 100 year anniversary celebration, managed PR efforts for the Taste of Little Italy, revamped newsletters for the Garden Club of Cleveland, sewed hundreds of costumes for the Cleveland Skating Club, and participates in countless hours of activities at her children’s schools.