CWRU Data Analytics Boot Camp: The Bridge Between Julie Novic and Pandata

Cal Al-Dhubaib, PanData
Cal Al-Dhubaib, Pandata

Cal Al-Dhubaib is the founder, Managing Partner, and Chief Data Scientist of Cleveland based Pandata.

Pandata is a data science consultancy that assists organizations in solving complex challenges and creating value from their data. Its clients include Fortune 500 companies, across industries and specialties.

A Case Western Reserve University alumnus and serial entrepreneur, Cal founded Triple Analytics and Pandata while he was still an undergrad.

As founder of a rapidly developing company, Cal takes an active role in selecting the company’s employees. In 2018, Cal hired Julie Novic a CWRU data analytics boot camp student, before Julie had completed the Boot Camp. Julie enrolled in the CWRU Boot Camp in July 2018, following the completion of her doctorate in Quantitative Anthropology. Cal first met Julie when he visited the boot camp class at the invitation of one of the instructors. In reflecting on his early meetings with Julie, Cal observed “Julie’s compassion and capacity to learn was incredible.” Cal was so impressed, he offered Julie a job with Pandata before she had graduated from the Boot Camp.

With her training from the boot camp and her other skills and experience, Cal saw Julie excelling early in her role with Pandata. Cal noted that Julie was “comfortable with mathematical and statistical assumptions, and she was able to self-learn code, plus she could dig deeper and assume questions,” that addressed Pandata’s clients’ needs.

Demo Day Experience

In addition to visiting the CWRU Data Analytics Boot Camp classroom where he originally met Julie, Cal also attended the end-of term Demo Day where students display their boot camp capstone projects.

“The boot camp demo day is quite similar to the data science and analytics workplace,” Cal observed. “There are a lot of complex moving parts and students are constantly tackling ambitious problems.” 

Cal noticed that “On most teams, you could really see the diversity of skills and professional backgrounds. When interacting with the teams, you could really see the highlights of each of their unique contributions. That is the essence of what a data science team looks like.” When asked if he would recommend CWRU Data Analytics Boot Camp to students who are looking to enter into the data field or enhance their data analytics skills, Cal replied enthusiastically. “What I love about the boot camp is that students are developing basic skills and applications in data science and we, as a company, can take their foundation and transform them to think like a data scientist.”

“Julie has been a wonderful addition to Pandata” and Cal is looking forward to recruiting more CWRU Data Analytics Boot Camp graduates, at future Demo Days. 

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