Zhimin Feng, PhD

Senior Instructor
Biological Sciences
School of Dental Medicine

Research Information

Research Interests

  • Innate Immunity
  • Human Beta Defensins (hBDs)
  • Epithelial Biology
  • Microbial Challenge 

Research Projects

Dr. Feng's research area is epithelial innate immunity. He is working on the regulation and function of human beta-defensins (hBDs), structure/function analysis of hBD-3 and CXCR4 interactions, as well as epithelial innate immune responses to microbial challenges. 


Zhimin Feng, George R. Dubyak, Michael M. Lederman, Aaron Weinberg. Cutting Edge: Human β defensin 3─A novel antagonist of the HIV-1 co-receptor CXCR4. J. Immunol, 177: 782-786, 2006.

Z Feng, J Chandra, M Ghannoum, A Weinberg. Human beta-defensins: differential activity against candidal species and regulation by Candida albicans.. J Dent Res, 84(5): 445-450, 2005.

Nicholas Funderburg, Michael M. Lederman, Zhimin Feng, Michael G. Drage, Julie Jadlowsky, Clifford V. Harding, Aaron Weinberg, and Scott F. Sieg. Human β defensin-3 activates professional antigen-presenting cells via Toll like Receptors 1 and 2. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci, 104: 18631-18635, 2007.

ME Quinones-Mateu, MM Lederman, Z Feng, B Chakraborty, J Weber, HR Rangel, ML Marotta, M Mirza, B Jiang, P Kiser, K Medvik, SF Sieg and A Weinberg. Human epithelial beta-defensins 2 and 3 inhibit HIV-1 replication. AIDS, 17:F39 -F48, 2003.

Z Feng, Aaron Weinberg. Role of bacteria in health and disease of periodontal tissues. Periodontology 2000, 40: 50-76, 2006.


Doctor of Philosophy
Cell Biology
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Master of Science
Medical Biochemistry
Southeast University
Bachelor of Science
Nanjing University