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Graduating students holding thank you signs for donors.
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Resume example with scholarship information.
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Scholarship Email Signature sample

Every year, over 900 undergraduate students receive financial support from scholarships endowed by Case Western Reserve University's donors. The funds students receive allow them to participate more fully in campus life and to afford the daily expenses of attending college. With the help of scholarship recipients, Donor Relations  and University Events and Financial Aid are able to thank the individuals, corporations and foundations that support scholarships. By writing a one-page thank-you letter, students are able to illustrate the impact scholarships have on their experience at Case Western Reserve.

In the middle of each semester, Donor Relations and University Events staff will reach out to student recipients of named endowed scholarship funds and will request thank-you letters. This email will provide further instructions for formatting and submission. In the meantime, please feel free to explore this site to gain a better understanding of the impact scholarship donors have on Case Western Reserve students.

Many donors share how meaningful it is to receive students' messages of gratitude. In addition to writing a thank-you letter, students can show their appreciation and honor donors by utilizing the name of endowment funds in an email signature and by listing award titles on a resume. Participation in these initiatives is encouraged and we hope students, too, find it beneficial. Examples can be found on the right.

**For clarification on the full name of your fund email