Deborah R. Jacobson, PhD

Assistant Professor
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

How it began: My area of interest has always been in psychology, sociology and immersion programs as a way to experience other cultures. My choice of careers began in my undergraduate program when I majored in social work. I also did a study abroad semester in Brighton, England, and traveled around Europe and Israel. I also spent a short time on a kibbutz.

There are so many things you can do in social work: During my years in undergraduate school, I worked at a day care center and nursing home part time, a residential treatment for two years, and I also became a foster parent. After a few years, I began my master’s program while working full time at a juvenile court facility as a counselor and later a psychotherapist.

I went on to work as a group services worker for the Jewish Community Center and later as a school social worker. I chose to enter a PhD program originally with the purpose of being a better practitioner. While doing a teaching practicum, I discovered how much I enjoyed teaching.

My love for the field of social work began and continues to be related to my enjoyment in working with, empowering and teaching people and being able to work in a large variety of settings. Being in the field of social work offers many opportunities to help others and also to develop individual self-growth.

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Recent and Current Classes

  • India Study Abroad course: Global Issues, Health and Sustainability in India
  • Bangladesh Study Abroad course: Micro Enterprise and Social Development
  • Israel Study Abroad course: Religion and Health Across the Life Span
  • Ecuador Study Abroad course: Social, Health and Human Services
  • Turkey Study Abroad course: Child Welfare and Interventions
  • Practice Evaluation

Professional Memberships

State of Ohio Counselor & Social Worker Board
Academy of Certified Social Workers


Jacobson, D. R., Abu, N., & Miah, M. (January, 2011) Micro-credit and social development in Bangladesh: Study Abroad Program (SAP). Paper presentation at the International Consortium of Social Development (ICSD), International Symposium, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Jacobson, D. R. (October, 2009) International Experiences Have Profound for Social Work Students and Professionals. Paper presented at the Ohio Chapter National Association of Social Workers Annual Conference, Columbus, OH.

Jacobson, D. R. & Miah, M. (June, 2009) Short-Term International Study Programs. Paper presented at the Third Annual International Social Work Conference, N.J.

Jacobson, D. R. and participant panel (Spring, 2008) Creating Global Partnerships in Aging for Global Aging: Lessons from Abroad. Paper presented at Ohio Association of Gerontology and Education, Cleveland, OH.


Doctor of Philosophy
Tulane University
Master of Social Work
Louisiana State University
Bachelor of Arts
Illinois State University

Additional Information


  • Health, Children, Youth, and Families
  • Community Practice for Social Change
  • Mental Health


  • State of Ohio Counselor & Social Worker Board
  • Academy of Certified Social Workers
  • National Association of Social Workers

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