Q. What is a scholarship "stewardee"?
A. A stewardee for an endowed scholarship fund might be the original donor or he/she might be someone who has an interest in the fund, such as a spouse, family member, or legal manager of the fund. For simplicity, we refer to all parties as stewardees.

Q. How is an endowed scholarship different from other scholarships?
A. Permanently invested by Case Western Reserve University, endowed funds generate income which is used for the purpose originally intended by the donor; in this case, scholarships. Unlike scholarships established with current use funds, endowed scholarships distribute a percentage of annual income to support students. This method ensures a permanent legacy for  donors and enduring support for students.

Q. I missed the deadline! Can I submit a thank-you letter late?
A. YES! To ensure timely communications with our scholarship stewardees, deadlines are provided so that letters can be printed and mailed efficiently. Even if you miss the preferred deadline specified in the email letter request, please follow the same instructions provided in the request email and submit your letter. Stewardees often follow-up with our office in anticipation of receiving a letter from their student recipient and we want to help make sure this connection happens. If you have any doubts or questions regarding the submission process, please contact our office.

Q. I'm on co-op this semester and am not receiving Financial Aid, should I still write a thank-you letter?
A. Yes. Even though you are on co-op this semester, we still request letters from students since funds were (or will be) received at some time during the academic year.

Q. What if I have a question specifically about my financial aid package?
A. Donor Relations and University Events handles all communications with the stewardees of the endowed scholarship funds while Financial Aid manages all of the financial aid packages. All inquiries into the specifics of a financial aid package will be forwarded to the Financial Aid Office. You can email them at: financialaid@case.edu, or call at: 216.368.4530.

Q. It is difficult for me to write letters. Where can I find help with writing my thank-you letter?
A. There are two ways you can access writing assistance. You can contact the Writing Resource Center on campus and make an appointment with a consultant or you can email Donor Relations and University Events and schedule a time to meet with Emily Kruger. If you need ideas for what to include in your letter you can use the template included on the Writing Assistance page.

Q. Can I contact the stewardee(s) of my fund(s) directly?
A. Just as we keep student information confidential, we maintain our commitment to donors and keep their contact information private. Some of Case Western Reserve's scholarship stewardees express an interest in meeting with or sending letters to the student recipients of their fund. In those cases, Donor Relations will reach out to the students asking if they would like to be contacted directly or prefer to be contacted through our office.

Q. My school has me write a thank-you note to my donor(s) already, should I still send Donor Relations and University Events a thank-you letter?
A. Yes. Often times students receive funds from multiple endowed scholarship funds and the letter you write will be used for all of the funds you receive. Even if you have already written a thank-you note to the donor of one fund, there is always the possibility that you have received funds from another endowed scholarship and Donor Relations will make sure all stewardees receive a letter from you.

Q. I don't know what fund(s) I have received or the name of the donor(s). Is it possible to receive this information before I write a letter?
Yes. Due to the volume of students Donor Relations and University Events contacts when requesting letters, the specific funds are not included in the request. However, we are happy to share the names of funds and stewardees. Please email scholarshipstewardship@case.edu with such requests.