image of students in front of Case Western holding thank you signs

Sentiments of Thanks

Alumni and donor contributions motivate our students, inspire our faculty, and hearten our entire university community. In the weeks leading up to our inaugural Thanks Beyond the Possible celebration the campus community came together to share gratitude and build a thank you card to acknowledge such generosity.

image of Richie Lazear

"I've met a ton of great people from all over the country who have helped me feel like I'm home here."

-Richie Lazear, Class of 2019


image of Rekha Srinivasan

"It's not just about the material changes. It's beyond that. Without this funding we would not be producing students of the caliber that we are."

-Rekha Srinivasan, Senior Instructor, Department of Chemistry

image of Ellen Kendall

"I would not be able to attend the University and pursue my career of becoming a physician without the support of donors."

-Ellen Kendall, Class of 2018

“Donations directly impact students, faculty and the Case Western Reserve community. By giving a donation, you're providing an opportunity to a student who may not have otherwise been able to attend Case Western Reserve University. You're promoting learning environments that produce deeper learning and you're providing opportunities for students to change the world."

-Megan Holmes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

image of Sierra Lipscomb

“Your gift allows students the chance to fulfill their dreams without having to worry about financial limitation on those aspirations. You may give money, but in actuality, you give so much more, including your hopes and trust that students will make use of your gifts in a way that will further innovation in society.”

-Sierra Lipscomb, Class of 2019

image of Dedra Hanna Adams

“Donating to Case Western Reserve University is an opportunity to invest in the future. Our future leaders, future researchers, our future, is here at Case Western Reserve University."

-Dedra Hanna Adams, Director of Financial Aid, The Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

image of Ian Charnas Still

"It's not enough to make your own dreams possible, you have to make other people's dreams possible as well. When you think back to your time as a student, the facilities and equipment you used were provided for by donors and alumni who came before you. And so, as a donor myself, I think about that when I make a donation, because it's my opportunity now to pay that forward."

-Ian Charnas (CWR '05), Manager of think[box]

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