Dominion Energy

DOMINION ENERGY is based in Cleveland at 1201 E 55th St, Cleveland, OH 44103 and is the largest
gas distribution subsidiary of Dominion. It can trace its corporate roots to the Colonial Era, earning
In 1787, the Virginia General Assembly established the Appomattox Trustees to manage the commercial
affairs surrounding the Appomattox River. The seven appointed Appomattox Trustees then formed the
Upper Appomattox Company in 1795. The Upper Appomattox Company was responsible for building
dams for industrial use, commercial development, canal operations, and navigation of the James River.
The Upper Appomattox Company also operated street lighting, railways, and electric trolleys. In 1901 the
water rights were transferred to the Virginia Passenger & Power Company (VR&P), Dominion’s
corporate ancestor.
Founded by Frank Jay Gould, Virginia Railway & Power Company was incorporated in 1909. Eight years
later it bought the Virginia Passenger & Power Company, which owned and operated many streetcar
lines, gas, and electric utilities.
By 1925, VR & P changed its name to Virginia Electric and Power Company (VEPCO) after being
placed under new ownership, the Stone & Webster engineering firm. The company then acquired several
more public utilities in North Carolina.
After being sued by the government in 1940 under the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, a
chain reaction of regulated utility monopolies met legislature for years to come. After being forced to
initially downsize its control of public utilities nationwide, VEPCO merged with the Virginia Public
Service Company and ended up doubling its service territory between 1950 and 1957. VEPCO built the
world’s first extra-high-voltage transmission system, and established their first nuclear power stations in
the 1970s.
In 1980, the president of VEPCO William Berry began imposing influence over the direction of the
company, using the names Virginia Power and North Carolina Power. In 1983 Berry refined the title of
the company, in conjunction with Virginia Power, to Dominion Resources. After an additional name
change, the company settled on Dominion Energy in 1987.
Thos E. Capps became CEO of Dominion Energy in 1990 and formed joint ventures to develop natural
gas reserves. The firm bought three natural gas companies in 1995, and the following year merged with
Chesapeake Paper Products. In 1997, Dominion Energy gained ownership of UK power firm East
Midlands Electricity, sold it to PowerGen, and the next year bought an Illinois power station from
Unicom’s Commonwealth Edison.
In 1999, Dominion Energy separated the commercial generation activities from its transmission,
distribution, and retail operations. By 2000, Dominion Energy had become one of the largest electric and
gas utilities in the United States after purchasing Consolidated Natural Gas. The company funded 1.3
billion dollars in the Northeast Utilities Millstone nuclear power complex, which has since been
On August 28 th , 2000 Dominion Energy finalized the company name to simply Dominion, but continues
to use different names for its delivery, transmission, and customer service operations, each with
respectively different statewide locations. Dominion Transmission, formerly CNG Transmission Corp., is
based in West Virginia and operates gas pipelines and North America's largest natural gas storage system.

In 2001, VPS Communications Inc. became Dominion Telecom; an interexchange carrier providing
broadband solutions, private line, wavelengths, dark fiber, Internet and collocation throughout the U.S..
Dominion Telecom was sold to Elantic Networks Inc. in 2004. In 2007, the majority of Dominion’s
natural gas and oil exploration and production properties were sold in order to focus the company’s
attention to power generation, distribution, transmission, storage, and retail.
Today, Dominion operates the nation’s largest natural gas storage facility with more than 975 billion
cubic feet of capacity. Dominion is a stakeholder in a joint venture planning to build the 600 mile long
Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a natural gas pipeline that will run between West Virginia and North Carolina.
Originally planned for construction in the later months of 2019, of the pipeline is currently contested by
many voting constituents, causing attorneys generals from 18 states to urge the Supreme Court to
overturn the Pipeline’s blocked construction.
Dominion is one of the largest producers of energy in the United States and serves more than 1.2 million
Ohio residents and nearly 400 Ohio communities.