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Date Didactic Presenter
January 17, 2013 Data Collection Anna Rosenstone
November 1, 2012 Rate Rhythm and More Wyatt
October 18, 2012 Strokes: The very basics Dr. Totten
July 22,2011 How to Write a Poster (Example 1)
July 22,2011 How to Write a Poster (Example 2)
July 22,2011 How to Write a Poster (Example 3)
April 15,2010 Interview Tips, CV, Citation of Posters Dr. Vicken Totten
April 8, 2010 Getting Into Medical Schoolv Manik Aggarwal
April 1, 2010 Introduction to Statistics Dr. Vicken Totten
March 11, 2010 Research Manual: Literature Search
January 21, 2010 How To Write A Manuscript
November 19, 2009 Show me the money (Grants) Elizabeth M. Phillips
November 5, 2009 Lit Review Manik Aggarwal
August 20, 2009 Research module RDIG collective
Waiver of Informed Consent Dr. Roger J. Lewis
Research Manual: How to Get CITI Certified
Research Health Advocacy Dr. Joseph L. Wright
Writing the Protocol
Research Data Creation Dr. Demetrios N. Kyriacou
Approach To Brain Attacks Dr. Ed Michelson
The Future of Scientific Publication in Emergency Medicine Dr. David C. Cone
How To Evaluate A Published Article Dr. Akella Chendrasekhar
Drafting a Research Question Michael D. Witting, MD, MS
Informed Consent for Genetic Research on Tissue Samples Dr. Leonard Friedland
Clinical Research: Getting Started Dr. Edward A. Panacek
Research Fundamentals Dr. John A. Watts
Error and Bias in Clinical Research Dr. Edward A. Panacek
Evidenced Based Medicine: Part 1
Research Fundamentals Dr. Mark G. Angelos
Proposal Writing Mona Hassan
The Research Seminar
Searching the Literature Michael D. Witting, MD, MS
Research Manual: Study Design
The Research Seminar-General
Research Fundamentals Younger
Research Manual: Study Abstract Template
Research Quality Dr. Carl Auerbach