New Member Education

New members should read the following documents and powerpoints and familiarize themselves with them. Each item provides information on essential skills that all EMRD members should have.

CITI Training

The CITI BASIC Course is the ONLY way to enter the Case Western Reserve University's CREC Program. Successfully completing the CITI Basic course certifies the investigator for three years, which is the equivalent of 12 CREC credits. During that three-year cycle, investigators must obtain at least 12 more credits in order to keep their certification active.

EMRD members who are not residents or medical students will need to become official UHCMC volunteers, and also complete other requirements to be certified as UH research assistants.

Please follow the links below to contact Volunteer Services. You will need to schedule an interview with Ms. Carol Passerell. All new members must also fill out the UH Volunteer Services Forms that are to be completed and turned in to your UH interviewer, along with your orientation questionnaire. Through the Volunteer Office, you will be photographed and issued a UH ID Badge. The Badge must be worn above the waist at all times while working inside the hospital, and can be swiped to record your volunteer hours. Dr. Totten notes your hours for your final letter of recommendation.

UH Volunteer Services Forms

Contact our volunteer liaison, Carol Passerell, for further questions and to schedule your interview. When emailing her, copy and mention your affiliation with the EMRD.

Click here to download the Badge Code Request Form, and then fill it out and give it to Dr. Totten to sign.

Finally, EMRD members are committed to personal and professional improvement. Please study the attached documents. (The time counts towards your 5 hours per week!!)


All members need to have the following credentials completed.

UH Volunteer Application
UH Credentialing