Mission Statement

To empower young researchers to perform meaningful scientific work
in emergency medicine. Our laboratory is the Emergency Department!

About Us

The EMRD is an all-volunteer group. The number of members varies from 10-30 depending on year and time of year. Rank in the EMRD depends on experience, performance, length of service, as well as pre-existing qualifications. Members come from many disciplines. Some are pre-med; others are students of English, engineering, mathematics, nursing, or business. EMRD members may be undergraduates, MPH or PhD candidates; doctors of medicine or philosophy; all want to learn about research in Emergency Medicine by doing it.

This diversity creates an invaluable pool of talent (and friends!) from which each member can draw upon. Through these relationships, EMRD members share insights and experience on how to properly conduct Medical Research.

Research is a serious undertaking. The EMRD expects a minimum 4 hours per week commitment of its members, and in general, at least a year of regular participation. Undergraduate students are encouraged to commit to participate until they leave the Cleveland area. Many EMRD members develop, conduct, and publish a successful research project. Others collaborate with emergency medicine (EM) residents (who are required to complete a Scholarly Project), with EM faculty or with other EMRD members to bring a study to completion.