Apply to the 2015 EMRD Program

The application is currently CLOSED. Please check back during our recruitment period to download a copy of the application. We accept new students every October for the fall semester and in March for the summer.

Interviews will take place between November 16-20th.

Acceptance letters will be sent out by November 23th, 2015.

What we are looking for

  • Applicants should...
    • be willing to devote a minimum 8 hours research and shadowing per week
    • have strong personal communication skills
    • have ability to work independently
    • have a strong sense of academic and personal integrity
    • be highly motivated

  • Specific skills considered with applications include...
    • research related writing/grant writing
    • IRB application submission experience
    • advanced statistical background
    • experience with SPSS, SAS, or Minitab
    • database management
    • website management

  • No previous research experience required!
    • only enthusiasm to be involved in clinical research
    • applicants of all backgrounds welcome
    • do not need to be pre-medicine
    • must be undergraduate or older to apply