Basic Rules

Welcome to the EMRD!

We are a volunteer group dedicated to learning about research, doing research and publishing research. WE are NOT a way to get into Medical School, although many members aim in that direction. We are about learning and conducting research.

Our Philosophy
We are professionals. EMRD members can be of any age, race, sexual orientations, gender, national origin, level of education, etc, but all are expected to comport themselves as "professionals". That means, any time you are in an EMRD meeting or at the hospital, you are representing the EMRD. We want you to make us proud! "Professional" means that you dress and act, and treat others in a way to reflect the whole group. Because most of us are young and new to research, we have to be twice as good at what we do to get recognition.

The EMRD is a lot of work, and should be a lot of fun, too. Normally if you decide to join after being accepted, you are expected to stay until you graduate and leave the area. During that time you will start as a Research Assistant, and learn about the research process. You will gather data for other ongoing projects, and join a study team. You will read the proposals of your team and learn from your more senior colleagues. After you have your name on a presentation, proposal, poster or publication, or have made other significant contributions, you will be promoted to Research Associate. When you are responsible for a project, you will be a PI and a Senior Research Associate. Remember that the EMRD is not a pre-med club or honor society. You will benefit, not from simply being a member, but through your accomplishments as one.

When you first attend our meetings, just watch, listen and get to learn the team so you know where you best might fit in. We expect you to show up every week except when you have notified the Chief RA and/or Secretary that you will not be able to attend. If you have 3 unexpected absences, we will ask you to re-consider your priorities. It may be that the EMRD is not as important in your life as competing priorities, and that is ok. If you leave the EMRD, you may re-apply the following fall.

Keep working on your CV
You are encouraged to put down what you have learned on your CV, write down the projects you have been part of, and in what capacity. You will learn how to make your CV a shining document that will boast about you, so you can be modest in person.

General Body Meeting Time and Location
We usually meet on Thursdays, 6 pm. The room may change from semester to semester, but you can always find us by dropping into either in Wearn B-21 or B-17 and asking.

Dress Code
Current dress code is business casual or EMRD scrubs.

General Body Meeting Content
The EMRD meetings are for coordinating projects and informing each other what we have done. It is not usually a work meeting. There is often a short lecture on one topic or another and the team may ask for any topic they want for the next meeting. After the didactic part, the point person for each study team will present the work product of that team to the group. The group and team will set the expectations for the next week. You should expect to get together with your team members in person or electronically during the week to prepare your work product by the evening before the meeting.