ThinkImpact Social Entrepreneurship Program

2021-22 Academic Year

Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship and Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit have teamed up to offer an opportunity for CWRU students to identify social or environmental issues and form teams to craft an innovative solution to their chosen problem or issue.

Participation in the ThinkImpact Program gives students a hands-on opportunity to closely examine a global, societal or environmental issue that impacts the lives of many, and think about the ways in which private, public and social sectors can collectively implement a solution that is impactful, sustainable and scalable around the world. 

Teams will demonstrate this proposed solution’s impact, feasibility, sustainability, scalability or replicability, as well as its acceptability or desirability to the community or target population. Students are expected to work on this idea throughout the 2021-22 academic year, attend talks/workshops during Friday community hour and meet as a group to work on their projects weekly. Participants will acquire necessary tools, receive mentoring, and possibly funding, to help you grow your social venture. You will also be expected to present your solution and work in April 2022.

You will receive a stipend of $1,000 for participating in the program. 

April 23 |  Applications Due
May 7 |  9 Applicants are chosen
August |  Program Begins with Problem Ideation and Solution Determination
August 31 |  Teams are Formed and Customer Discovery Begins
September - November |  Teams conduct Customer Discovery and Research
December |  Presentation on Customer Discovery/Research
January - March |  Teams Iterate and Develop Solution
Late April |  Teams Pitch/Present

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