Where They Are Now: Elizabeth (Liz) Hanna

Liz Hanna

Elizabeth (Liz) Hanna

In 2020, COVID-19 shutdowns prevented CWRU students from working their summer internships. In response to the problem, the Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship created the Remote Entrepreneurship Project (REP) Program, pairing students with startups across the country for a remote internship experience. Many of those students have since graduated from Case Western Reserve University and have made strides in their careers. See how the REP program impacted their career trajectory.

Tell us about what you're up to now! 

Just finished my master's in Middle Eastern Studies in Beirut, Lebanon. Currently looking for remote recruiting roles so I can stay in the Middle East.

How did your time as an REP intern impact your career trajectory?

It helped me realize I have strong communication and organization/admin skills that I now confidently display in my resume and in interviews. I loved this startup/collaborative environment and certainly helped me make the decision that I'd like to work in this space.

Before you applied for the REP program, did you have another internship planned that was impacted by COVID? If yes, how did REP fill the gap for you that summer?

No, REP program greatly helped me that summer 2020 because I did not have any internship prospects for the summer.

How did CWRU, REP and other CWRU programs prepare you for your work now?

CWRU gave me amazing connections, taught me critical thinking and writing skills, and the Arabic language. CWRU programs taught me to be a self starter and resourceful (Wall Street Trek, clubs and societies, grants and fellowships), and the REP program offered me a terrific remote work experience that taught me about large NGO work, partnerships, collaborating between groups and local government, and practical computer skills for professional life.