Where They Are Now: Alex Gould

Alex Gould

In 2020, COVID-19 shutdowns prevented CWRU students from working their summer internships. In response to the problem, the Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship created the Remote Entrepreneurship Project (REP) Program, pairing students with startups across the country for a remote internship experience. Many of those students have since graduated from Case Western Reserve University and have made strides in their careers. See how the REP program impacted their career trajectory.

Alex Gould (CWR '22)

What are you up to now?

Strategy & Analytics for MLB's Cleveland Guardians

How did your time as an REP intern impact your career trajectory?

I think the REP program helped give me initial clarity as to the type of work and company size that interest me most, along with what doesn't match with my interests quite as much

Before you applied for the REP program, did you have another internship planned that was impacted by COVID? 

My internship was cancelled due to COVID and the REP program legitimately saved me by allowing me to have an internship on the resume for after my sophomore year. Having that on the resume I believe allowed me to be a much more competitive candidate for my eventual internship after junior year on the McDonald's brand engagement team, which helped me to get my fall semester senior year internship with the Senate, and now my current full-time job with the Guardians

How did CWRU, REP and other CWRU programs prepare you for your work now?

All the professional experiences at CWRU, courses, and extracurricular experiences all helped me develop so much both personally and professionally. I credit a significant amount of my ability to take on my current job to my four years on campus!