Where They Are Now: Makala Wang

Makala Wang

In 2020, COVID-19 shutdowns prevented CWRU students from working their summer internships. In response to the problem, the Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship created the Remote Entrepreneurship Project (REP) Program, pairing students with startups across the country for a remote internship experience. Many of those students have since graduated from Case Western Reserve University and have made strides in their careers. See how the REP program impacted their career trajectory.

Makala Wang (CWR '21)

REP Placement: Pediaworks with Tim Moran

What are you up to now?

Second year medical student at Thomas Jefferson University

How did your time as an REP intern impact your career trajectory?

I was in the process of applying to medical school during my internship, so it mostly just confirmed my interest in medicine. I had been doing basic science research throughout undergrad, so being able to conduct research about medical devices was a great learning experience to prepare me for medical school.

Before you applied for the REP program, did you have another internship planned that was impacted by COVID? 

I was planning to do summer research with SOURCE funding, but my project could not be done remotely and I was unable to return to campus. Thanks to REP, I was still able to do research that was even more relevant to my intended career.

How did CWRU, REP and other CWRU programs prepare you for your work now?

CWRU had many research and volunteer opportunities that gave me valuable experience and exposure to the field of medicine. The academic rigor and quality of instruction also gave me a strong base of knowledge that I continue to use in my current studies. REP allowed me to understand how medicine and entrepreneurship could be intertwined and used to improve health care and patient experience. Before REP, I had never thought about the amount of work that goes into developing and gaining approval for medical devices. Although I do not start clinical rotations until next year, I will definitely be more aware of the devices that are used in clinical settings and think about how they can be improved as a result of my REP experience.