Advocate for Gender Violence Prevention & Response
Flora Stone Mather Center for Women

I am the Survivor Advocate & a Doctoral Candidate at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. After receiving my BA in Health Communication from Ohio University & pursuing a Master’s in Public Health, I choose to apply my research skills towards a PhD in Medical Sociology. My research focuses on the lived experience of body image & eating disorders over the life course; gender, sex, & sexuality; and the effects of sexual assault & trauma on the mind & body. My passions lie in sex education, women’s empowerment, developing sociological imaginations to fight against and to prevent social injustice, and puppies . . . all the puppies.

As the Advocate for Gender Violence Prevention and Response, I am responsible for advocating for Case Western Reserve University students who are survivors of gender-based violence (GBV). As the Advocate, I am specifically responsible for providing crisis management response and stabilization, therapeutic support, assistance with navigating options and services on campus and in the community; collaborating with health care providers; delivering educational programs to raise awareness of sexual violence as a serious public health issue; and serve as the central point on campus to provide programming on healthy relationships. In my role as Advocate I am uniquely positioned in the University to provide FREE & CONFIDENTIAL services to both Undergraduate & Graduate Students who may want to learn about their options before deciding on a recovery plan. Individuals come to my office to speak with me about – sexual assault, gender violence, intimate partner violence, LGBTQ+ specific violence, stalking, online harassment, bullying, stress/anxiety, depression, gender identity, body image, disordered eating, birth control, and pregnancy.