Cleaning Schedule

The following custodial tasks are performed in the academic/administrative buildings:

Daily routine tasks

Classrooms, Lecture Halls:

All classrooms are cleaned nightly after the final class of the day dismisses.

  • Clean and re-supply chalkboards and whiteboards
  • Empty waste containers, and check or replace liners. Wash inside the cans one time per month
  • Clean/dust sills and other surfaces, such as instructors' tables, lecterns, etc.
  • Sweep, dust mop, or wet mop tile floors to remove all dirt/debris/spills.
  • Vacuum carpeted floors
  • Count and align chairs


All offices are thoroughly cleaned once per week on the scheduled day. Note: Days that offices are not cleaned, all trash cans should be placed outside of the office and/or suite door for removal.

  • Empty trash, and check or replace waste container liners
  • Dust mop, vacuum, or damp mop to remove all dirt, dust, debris, spills, spots, and gum
  • Dust as needed to maintain furniture and fixtures free of dust
  • Secure all windows and doors


All laboratories are thoroughly cleaned once per week on scheduled day however they are dust mopped nightly. Note: Custodial Services doesn’t clean bench tops in labs unless they have been cleared by someone from EHS.

  • Empty trash, and check or replace waste container liners
  • Dust mop, damp mop, vacuum, or sweep to remove all dirt, dust, debris, spills, and gum


All restrooms are cleaned, sanitized, and restocked nightly.

  • Police area, empty trash, and check or replace liners in waste containers
  • Clean and sanitize sinks, toilets, and urinals. Disinfect partitions and dividers
  • Remove all graffiti
  • Clean mirrors
  • Restock all soap and paper dispensers
  • Wet mop floor with a solution of hot water and an approved disinfect cleaner
  • Clean window ledges


These areas are thoroughly cleaned and serviced nightly.

  • Clean area, move walk-off mats, sweep or dust mop
  • Empty trash, and check or replace waste container liners
  • Sweep, vacuum, dust mop all floors
  • Remove cobwebs from window ledges or in corners
  • Wet mop or damp mop to remove all spills
  • Vacuum all carpet type walk off-mats
  • Burnish (re-coat when necessary)
  • Clean entryway glass
  • Clean and disinfect all water fountains
  • Check and refill hand sanitizer dispensers/replace batteries

Vending/Lounge/Open areas:

  • Clean chairs and table tops
  • Empty trash, and check or replace waste container liners
  • Clean the sides and tops of waste containers and the walls near them
  • Sweep underneath and behind all vending units
  • Mop to remove all spills
  • Damp wipe the outside only of refrigerators, stoves, and microwave ovens


  • Vacuum to remove dust, dirt, and small debris
  • Dust mop to remove dust, dirt, and debris. Wet/damp mop to remove all spills
  • Use dust cloths to remove dust from handrails as needed
  • Disinfect door knobs/handles/push bars/handrails once per week


  • Remove handprints, smudges, and graffiti from walls, doors, and call buttons with a disinfectant cleaner
  • Vacuum corners of the floor of the car, door tracks and elevator entrance doors on each floor

Custodial Services in Dayshift Restricted Areas:

The following buildings have areas that are restricted and are cleaned during the dayshift while occupied by the customer. Buildings: Adelbert Gym, Amasa Stone Chapel, Crawford Hall, Eldred Theatre, Mather Dance, Nord, Strosacker, Tomlinson, Yost, and the Media Vision Center at Cedar Avenue Service Center.

Dayshift Utility Work:

There a several tasks performed each day that may be considered dayshift utility work i.e. emergencies, monitoring assignments, or special events. Assignments may also include but are not limited to: restocking restrooms supplies, emergency clean-ups, assisting with special programs, transporting equipment or supplies. Special requests for utility work may be made by contacting the Customer Service Center at 368-2580.

Monthly routine tasks 

  1. Wash all walls in restrooms using a germicidal cleaner.
  2. Machine scrub all restroom floors using a germicidal cleaner.
  3. Dust window blinds.
  4. Bonnet clean high traffic areas in corridors, classrooms and lobby/entranceways.
  5. Extract all mats in entranceways.

Annual routine tasks 

  1. Strip and refinish floors in offices, labs, lounges, etc.
  2. Wash walls in offices, corridors, lounges, etc.
  3. Dust and damp wipe all light fixtures and other stationary fixtures.
  4. Shampoo all carpet