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New Point of Contact (POC) Door Sign

[2015-12-9] In order to provide more specific information to those entering a lab, we are implementing a replacement posting. EHS personnel will also be handing out this information during their chemical lab assessments in the Medical School and Hospital laboratories this month.
New Entrance Caution Signs Instructions with Link to Interactive Form


[2016-6] June 2016/July 2016 What happens in an EPA Inspection-Part IV; Ultraviolet Radiation-How it Affects Life on Earth; About Antimicrobial Resistance; Eye on Safety; Chemical Spotlight-Formaldehyde

Hospira IV Solutions

[2014-04-04] Hospira warns that some of their IV solution bags may have developed leaks and should be visually examined before use. Their recall notification is available online.


[2013-10-24] Following a ChemWatch upgrade, it may be necessary to do a hard-reload when accessing our MSDS resources: press Ctrl+F5 after loading if it does not appear correct. If that does not work, clear your cache and try again. The problem should be resolved within a week but until then this workaround may be useful.

ThermoFisher CO2 incubators

We recently received a notice from ThermoFisher regarding a potential defect in some of their CO2 incubator models manufactured between April 2001 and September 2009 (see attached letter for specifics).

In some isolated cases, the door hinges to these units have failed. Doors have fallen off, risking personal injury and potentially compromising experiments.

ThermoFisher is providing free replacement hinges and instructions for all affected units.

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Unsafe conditions? If you see safety violations or other inappropriate behavior, but want to remain anonymous, call 1-866-483-9367 or go to

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