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June 2016/July 2016(pdf)
Headlines: What happens in an EPA Inspection—Part IV; Ultraviolet Radiation—How it Affects Life on Earth; About Antimicrobial Resistance; Eye on Safety; Chemical Spotlight—Formaldehyde
March 2016/April 2016(pdf)
Headlines: What happens in an EPA Inspection—Part III; EPA Facts About Tritium; CDC Newsroom—Zika Virus; Background On Burns; Get A Handle On Hand Tools; Chemical Spotlight—Methylene Chloride
December 2015/January 2016(pdf)
Headlines: What happens in an EPA Inspection—Part II; ODH Safety Culture Policy; Hand to Mouth Hygiene and Vaccines are not just for Kids; Healthy Holidays-Eating Well; The Season of Lights; Chemical Spotlight—Phenol
September/October 2015(pdf)
Headlines: What happens in an EPA Inspection—Part I; Radiation and National Security; Plague; Near Misses; Chemical Spotlight—Acetone
June/July 2015(pdf)
Headlines: Identifying Indoor Air Quality Problems; Raducation 4-Ionizing Radiation Detection and Measurement; Reducing Foodborne Infections; Drink Water but Ditch The Bottle; Preventing Mercury Exposures
March/April 2015(pdf)
Headlines: Falls can be Prevented; Raducation 3-NORM and TENORM; Protecting Yourself from Contaminated Sharps; Laboratory Safety Chemical Hygiene Plan
December 2014/January 2015(pdf)
Headlines: Cryogens and Dry Ice; Raducation 2-Where Radiation Comes From; Ebola Virus Disease; 10 Basic Steps for Ladder Safety
September/October 2014 (pdf)
Headlines: Making International Shipments: What CWRU Shippers Need to Do; Liability in the Lab-UCLA Incident; Raducation 1-Radiation Basics; Bloodborne Pathogen Standard
June 2014/July 2014 (pdf)
Headlines: International Export Compliance Regulations; Sharps Injuries; Contractor Cited for Employee’s Death; Research Isotopes
March 2014/April 2014 (pdf)
Headlines: Most Frequently Cited OSHA Standards; Control of Hazardous Energy (Lock Out/Tag Out); Extreme Heat; Properly Securing Rradioactive Materials
December 2013/January 2014 (pdf)
Headlines: Focus on Asbestos; Equipment Clearance for Disposal or Relocation; Risk Group Versus Biosafety Level (part II); When to Record a Post Experimental Survey
September/October 2013 (pdf)
Headlines: Never Sacrifice Safety; The Revised HAZCOM Standard; Fall Injury Prevention in the Workplace; Risk Group Versus Biosafety Level; Electron Microscopes; FREE Ladder Safety APP
June/July 2013 (pdf)
Headlines: The Future of EHS; The OSHA Chemical Hygiene Plan; Reducing Aerosols; The Importance of Caution Signs; Radiation Generating Equipment
March/April 2013 (pdf)
Headlines: New Laboratory Specific Safety Plans; OSHA's 10 Most Cited Standards; Biosafety Bulletin: Transgenic Insects; Properly Identifying Chemical Bottles; Basic Radiation Safety Tips
December 2012/January 2013 (pdf)
Headlines: New Globally Harmonized System; Safe Use of the Chemical Fume Hood; Surveying Radioactive Packages; Introduction to Data Security; Winter/Holiday Safety
September/October 2012 (pdf)
Headlines: Broken CFL Bulb Guidelines; Six Waste Container Violations; Duties of Laser Supervisor; Electrical Safety in the Lab
June/July 2012 (pdf)
Headlines: Acrylamide Waste Disposal, Dosimetry, Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety, Choosing The Right Ergonomic Office Chair
March/April 2012 (pdf)
Headlines: Director's Corner; Chemical Waste Disposal; Liquid Nitrogen Safety; Hepatitis C; What should we know about Radon?
December 2011/January 2012 (pdf)
Headlines: Director's Corner; Bloodborne Pathogens and Needlestick Prevention; Hexavalent Chromium Cr(VI); Holiday Fire Safety; Recording Survey Results in DPM.
September/October 2011 (pdf)
Headlines: Director's Corner; Three New EHS Members!; Security of Radioactive Materials; Where is EHS?; Do you have to wear that badge?; Mercury Thermometer Safety Tips; Disposal of Radioactive Liquids.
June/July 2011 (pdf)
Headlines: Meet our new Executive Director!; When does ‘messy’ become ‘unsafe’?; Recycling Lab Plastics; Lab Doors; Where is EHS?; X-Rays and Infants; Fukushima’s Wake
April/May 2011 (pdf)
Headlines: Fume Hood Safety Tutorial; Radiation Exposure: How Much Is Too Much?; Inactive AU Status, Absence from Laboratory; First Aid Reminders for Biological Hazards; Safety with Chemicals: A Short Precautionary Checklist
January/February 2011 (pdf)
Headlines: Radon Gas: How to Minimize Your Risks; Back Injuries: A Quick Reminder List; Acetylene Regulator and Cylinder Safety; Why Wear a Laboratory Coat?; Controlling Laboratory Ergonomic Risk
October/November 2010 (pdf)
Headlines: Holiday Decorations: Play It Safe; Thinking Ahead—Planning Each Lift; Radioactive Waste Segregation; Laboratory Management, Access and Security—A PI’s Responsibilities; e-Waste—Electronic Equipment Disposal
August/September 2010 (pdf)
Headlines: Fall Preparations—Is Your Lab Ready for the Fall Semester?; A Summer Safety Reminder—Proper Attire in the Labs; Signs, Labels, and Markings: A Few Basic Reminders; Radioactive Material Ordering; September is Safety Month at CWRU; Hood Repair Status Reminder; Eye Injury Prevention: Knowing the Basics
June/July 2010 (pdf)
Headlines: Revisiting UCLA: What We Can Learn from Their Mistakes; Summer Safety Reminder: Proper Attire in the Laboratory; Fume Hood Safety: A Quick Refresher Tutorial; Proper Chemical Labeling: The Essentials; 12 Safety Tips for Using an Autoclave; Radioactive Material Incident Response/Reporting—Reminders
April/May 2010 (pdf)
Headlines: Research Laboratory Decommissioning Procedure Checklist—Reminders; Eating Food in the Lab: An Illegal Habit; Safe Alternatives to Ethidium Bromide; Upcoming Training Sessions
November/December 2009 (pdf)
Headlines: Make Your Own Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS); Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC): Certification Reminders; “For the Want of a Nail… the Kingdom Was Lost” —Taking Care of Your Fume Hood; Holiday Decorations: Play It Safe; Laboratory Plastics—Creating a Sustainable Environment; Controlling Laboratory Ergonomic Risk; Upcoming Training Sessions
September/October 2009 (pdf)
Headlines: Why Wear a Laboratory Coat?; H1N1 Reminders—Staying Educated and Taking Necessary Precautions; Where is DOES?; Safety Goggles and Glasses: Keeping Them Clean; State of Ohio Waste Log Requirement Reminder; Upcoming Training Sessions
July/August 2009 (pdf)
Headlines: Security of Radioactive Materials; Chemical Spill Response; Fall Preparations: Is Your Lab Ready for the Fall Semester?; Lab Safety during Pregnancy; Where is DOES?; Proper Disposal of Your Empty Chemical Bottles; Handling Radioactive Materials Packages; Modification to the Process of Collecting Animal Carcasses; Upcoming Training Sessions
May/June 2009 (pdf)
Headlines: Swine Flu: What It Means for You—Sensible Reminders amidst Media Hype; Putting Trash in Its Place: Some Key Reminders for Proper Laboratory Waste Disposal; Laboratory Safety—Electrical Equipment Safety Reminders; From the Fireplace Hearth to the Laboratory Fume Hood; Where is DOES?; Upcoming Training Sessions
March/April 2009 (pdf)
Headlines: Infectious Miseries During "Flu" Season; Laboratory Sustainability; RAM Storage—Clarifications; Disposal of Chemicals in Sanitary Sewers (Drains); Receipt of Radioactive Material; Eating Food in the Lab: An Illegal Habit; Ultraviolet Lights—Use and Maintenance; Where is DOES?; Upcoming Training Sessions
December/January 2008/9 (pdf)
Headlines: Inactive vs. Storage Mode: Knowing the Difference; Quiz: Know Your Role in the Lab; Inspection Reports: Return Them Promptly; Hand Lotions in the Lab; Avoid a Fall No Employee Wants to Take; Research Laboratory Termination; State of Ohio Waste Log Requirement Reminder; Where is DOES?; Upcoming Training Sessions
October/November 2008 (pdf)
Headlines: e-Waste: What You Need to Know; Mercury-Containing Light Bulb (Lamp) Recycling; Minors, Volunteers and Visitors in the Workplace—Know the Guidelines and Procedures; Dirty Laundry? Lab Coat Laundry Service; Holiday Decorations: Play It Safe; Security of Radioactive Materials; Taking Inventory—Uranyl Acetate; Where is DOES?; Upcoming Training Sessions
August/September 2008 (pdf)
Headlines: Eye Injury Prevention: Knowing the Basics; Shipping Dry Ice?—Training Required; DOES Welcomes Victoria Cook Announcing a New Web Link on the DOES Website Construction Safety: A Necessary Precaution Compliance Issues: Reminders Fall Preparations—Is Your Lab Ready for the Fall Semester?; Security of Radioactive Materials; Where is DOES?; Upcoming Training Sessions
March/April 2008 (pdf)
Headlines: PLEASE READ ME! A Reminder on Radioactive Material Ordering; Research Laboratory Decommissioning Procedure Checklist; Laboratory Safety—Electrical Equipment Safety Reminders; Reviewing Your Basic Evacuation Plan; Footwear in the Labs—True Stories; Upcoming Training Sessions
January/February 2008 (pdf)
Headlines: Ergonomics: Lifting Precautions at Work; An Important Reminder: Department of Homeland Security Regulations for the Securing Chemicals; Winter Driving—Some Important Safety Reminders; Shut the Sash! A Program of Safety Awareness and Energy Savings: Part II; Simple Reminders for Labs; Radioactive Material Ordering; Safety Glasses: Keeping Them Clean; Upcoming Training Sessions
November/December 2007 (pdf)
Headlines: Flammable Liquid Cabinets: A Few Important Reminders; Holiday Decorations: Play It Safe; Shut the Sash! A Program of Safety; Awareness and Energy Savings; Electrical Hazards/Recommended Practices List; DOES Welcomes Many New Faces in 2007; Just for Your Information: Fatal Work Injuries Down Slightly in 2006; Upcoming Training Sessions
September/October 2007 (pdf)
Headlines: Chemical Spill Response; Fall Preparations—Is Your Lab Ready for the Fall Semester?; Putting Trash in Its Place; Reminders for Proper Laboratory; Waste Disposal; Radiation Shielding Available Free of Charge; Upcoming Training Sessions
July/August 2007 (pdf)
Headlines: Office Eating Habits Can Lead to Absenteeism; Conserving Energy in the Lab, Office, and Classroom; Signs, Labels, and Markings: A Few Basic Reminders; Not so Fast… New Equipment and Processes Need to be Analyzed for Safety; Knowing the Signs of Heat Exhaustion; Barbeque Grill Safety
May/June 2007 (pdf)
Headlines: Ergonomic Series: Part 2—Office Ergonomic Tips; Workers behind the Wheel Need to Learn How to Avoid Trouble, Not Just Manage It; Eating Food in the Lab—A Dangerous and Illegal Habit; Where is DOES?; Proper Storage of Flammable Chemicals—Reminders; Summer Cleaning for Safety's Sake
March/April 2007 (pdf)
Headlines: Taking Inventory—Uranyl Acetate; Ergonomics Series Part 1—Tips to Consider While Working at Your Computer; Security of Radioactive Materials; Reminders for Handling Flammable Chemicals Safely; Carbon Monoxide—Stay Safe at Work and in Your Home; Upcoming Training Sessions
January/February 2007 (pdf)
Headlines: Nanotechnology: New Study on Workplace Safety Practices Released; Security of Radioactive Materials; Physicians' Extended Work Shifts Associated with Increased Risk of Medical Errors That Harm Patients; Upcoming Training Sessions
October/November 2006 (pdf)
Headlines: How Much Radiation Do You Get from Dental X-Rays?; Construction Safety—Important Reminders; Eye Injuries under the BLS Microscope; What Can I Do if an Employee's Disability Creates an Unsafe Situation?; Training Sessions Update

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