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August/September 2006 (pdf)
Headlines: Eye Injury Prevention: Knowing the Basics; Career Overtakes Finances as Leading Cause of Stress; OSHA Issues Citations in Biosafety Lab Case; Media Accounts Led to Investigation; Paperwork Burden Eased by Hazardous Waste Program.
June/July 2006 (pdf)
Headlines: e-Waste: What You Need to Know; Hazardous Materials Shipping—A Growing Concern for Universities; Controlling Laboratory Ergonomic Risk Factors; Laser Safety Committee Volunteers; Upcoming Training Sessions
April/May 2006 (pdf)
Headlines:Aging Work force Will Require Adjustments to Workplace Environment; Inactive Authorized User Status and Absence from the Lab; Irradiator Program; Frantic over Finals? Some Stress-Busting Tips from DOES; Spring Cleaning for Safety's Sake; Quiz: Know Your Role; Upcoming Training Sessions; Inspection Reports: Return Them Promptly
February/March 2006 (pdf)
Headlines: Construction Safety: A Necessary Precaution; Ergonomic Safety Program at DOES; Security of Radioactive Materials; A Few Building Safety Coordinator Training Safety Reminders; Using Your "Blue Bins" Properly; Radioactive Waste Segregation; Upcoming Training Situations; Case Laser Safety Updates
December 2005/January 2006 (pdf)
Headlines:Holiday Decorations: Play It Safe; A New UV Safety Program Is in the Works at DOES; Irradiator Audit Program Coming to Case; Security of Radioactive Materials; Laboratory Equipment Repair Service; Allergic to Latex? Laboratory Equipment Repair Service; Lab Relocation Advice; Lab Safety Manual, Retraining Slides and Exam—All Now Available at; DOES Staff News
October/November 2005 (pdf)
Headlines:Safety Questions? Login to; Eating Food in the Lab—A Dangerous and Illegal Habit; Compliance Issues: Reminders; Safety Plans: Does Your Lab Need a Chemical Hygiene or Exposure Control Plan?; Reporting Accidents, Near-Misses and Incidents to DOES Immediately; Proper Disposal of Your Empty Chemical Bottles; Laboratory Surveys: When Do They Need to Be Performed?; Where is DOES?; Volunteer/Minors/International Dependent Policy: Reminders; Separation of Background Scintillation Vials from Radioactive Scintillation Vials; DOES Staff News
August/Sept 2005 (pdf)
Headlines:Radiation-Generating Equipment: Label It!; Fall Preparations—Is Your Lab Ready for the Fall Semester?; Lab Safety during Pregnancy; Where is DOES?; Chemical Spill Response; Upcoming Training Sessions; Radiation Shielding Available Free of Charge; Does Staff News.
June/July 2005 (pdf)
Headlines: Proper Fire Alarm Response; Controlling Laboratory Ergonomic Risk Factors; Summer Cleaning for Safety's Sake; Urban Legends of the Lab: Unsafe Practices; Upcoming Training Sessions; Case Laser Safety Program Commits to ANSI Standards.
Feb/March 2005 (pdf)
Headlines: Putting Trash in Its Place: Some Key Reminders for Proper Laboratory Waste Disposal; Depression: Knowing the Signs; Construction Safety: A Necessary Precaution; Shaping up Your Shipping: Following DOT Rules; New Faces at DOES: Give Them a Warm Welcome; Upcoming Training Sessions; Safety Clearance for Equipment Repair; Case Laser Safety Audits Now Being Conducted.
Dec 2004 (pdf)
Headlines: Frantic Over Finals? Some Stress-Busting Tips from D.O.E.S.; Holiday Safety-Information on Placing Decorations, Proper Lighting Techniques, and Checking for Faulty Wiring; Tales from the Lab…The Danger of Wearing Contact Lenses around Hazardous Chemicals; Radiation News: Pregnancy Precautions.
August/Sept 2004 (pdf)
Headlines: Keep D.O.E.S. Informed if you Work with Select Agents; Minors and Volunteers in the Labs: Know the Rules!; Ask Dr. Goggles: Mercury Thermometers; Radiation News: Is Your Lab Moving? What to do About Radiological Inventory when you Pack Up; Training Schedule; Closed Door Policy: Three Reasons to Keep Your Lab Door Closed; Moving Out: Research Laboratory Relocation and Termination Procedures for Chemical Inventory
May/June 2004 (pdf)
Headlines:Has Your Lab Posted the Appropriate Caution Signs?; Labeling Regulated Chemicals; Guidelines for Packaging and Labeling Infectious Substances and Clinical Specimens; Training Schedule; Radiation News: Labeling and Sorting Radioactive Waste
March/April 2004 (pdf)
Headlines: Safety Questions? Login to:; New Regulations for Working with "Select Agents"; Lotion and Latex Gloves?; Radiation Safety Online; Training Schedule; Safety Plans: Does Your Lab Need a HazComm, Chemical Hygiene, or Exposure Control Plan?; Radiation News: Half-Life Calculation; D.O.E.S. Staff News
December 2003 (pdf)
Headlines: Frantic Over Finals? Some Stress-Busting Tips from D.O.E.S.; Give Them the D.O.E.S. Welcome: Four New Staff Members; Renew Your Safety Training; Radiation News: Pregnancy Precautions; Holiday Safety
October 2003/November 2003 (pdf)
Headlines: Welcome to D.O.E.S.; Lab Volunteers Must Register with HR; Workplace Violence: Are YOU Safe? Radiation News: UV Radiation: Protection; Power Fail res; What's in Your Kit?
December 2002/January 2003 (pdf)
Headlines: New D.O.E.S. Rad Resources; D.O.E.S. Appoints New Asst. Karen Janiga; EPA Fines Universities; State of Ohio Waste Log Requirement; Depression: Know the Signs; Radiation News: Non-Ionizing Radiation: Lasers; Allergic to Latex?
August/September 2002 (pdf)
Headlines: Welcome to D.O.E.S.; New Biohood Procedures; D.O.E.S. Says Farewell (and Good Luck) to Asst. RSO Bill Stephany; New D.O.E.S. Resources; Don't Speak English Well? You Are at RISK!; Registration of Select Agents; Pregnancy Precautions; Radiation News: Dirty Bombs; Taking Out the Trash: Custodial Concerns
October/November 2001 (pdf)
Headlines: Evacuation Plans: Know and Practice; Welcome to D.O.E.S.; What a Waste! Glass in the Trash, Minimize Radioactive Waste, Polyacrylamide Gels; EPA Changes; Hot Tips: Pregnancy Precautions; Where is D.O.E.S.?; Closed Door Policy; Leftover Lessons; Cutting Lessons; Cutting Utensils; Electrical Shorts
July/August 2001 (pdf)
Headlines: Handling Replacement Orders; Needlestick Safety; What a Waste! Chemical Spill Response; Hot Tips: Radiation-Producing Equipment: Label It; Pressurized Dangers; Keep Fume Hoods Clean
April/May 2001 (pdf)
Headlines: New Radiation Policies; Summer Cleaning; What a Waste! Azide Disposal, Protect Your Drain; Hot Tips: Keeping Records, Lab Coats; Alcoholic Beverages? NOT IN LABS; Fire Evacuation; Congress Says No to Ergonomics Plan
January/February 2001 (pdf)
Headlines: OSHA Ergonomics Standard In Effect; What a Waste! Write it Out, Write On it; Hot Tips: Radiation Training; No Food in Labs; Hand Lotion: Not with Latex Gloves; Security: Think Again
October/November 2000 (pdf)
Headlines: EPA to Academia: Clean Up!; Holiday Safety; What a Waste! Microscope Slides, Wrapping Recycling; Space Heaters; Hot Tips: Off-Site Contamination; Facts: Winter Driving; Microwave Safety; Holiday Stress
August/September 2000 (pdf)
Headlines: Back-to-School Basics; Elevator Transport Safety; What a Waste: New CWRU Recycling Program; Where is D.O.E.S.?; Hot Tips: Pregnancy Precautions, Quick Response; Election 2000: On the Record; Heavy Lifting; Kitchen Bacteria; Meet the D.O.E.S. Staff: Madhi Fahim; Know When to Roll Them—Roller Blade and Bicycle Safety
June/July 2000 (pdf)
Headlines: Who Wants to Pass an OSHA Inspection?; Heat Stress: Know the Signs; What a Waste! Dangers of the Unknown, Is your PH Correct?; Centrifuge Check-up; Hot Tips: Handling Millicuries of 32P; Pipetting Ergonomics; Bicycle Safety: Know the Facts; Assault with a Deadly Isotope
March/May 2000 (pdf)
Headlines: Spring Cleaning for Safety's Sake; TB: A Re-emerging Problem; What a Waste! Biohazardous Waste Disposal; Moving Animal Violations; Hot Tips: Using 355 at High Temperatures, Keeping Records; The Gloves are Off!; This Stinks: Cleaning Out Your Chemical Storage Refrigerator
January/February 2000 (pdf)
Headlines: Don't Drink, Don't Eat; Chronic CO Vigilance; What a Waste! Styrofoam: How and Where?, Florescent Bills; Radioactive Iodine: Reducing Volatility; Hot Tips: Read the Signs; The Envelope Please: See Safety Films; Monitor Your Monitor: Tips for Reducing Computer-Related Eyestrain
November/December 1999 (pdf)
Headlines: OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogen Directive; New Safety Disk: What a Waste! Down the Drain; Know Your BioSafety Cabinet; Hot Tips: Down the Drain (Part Deux); Ohio Radiation News; Links to Safety; A Cautionary Christmas Tale; Holiday Stress; Safety Tips
September/October 1999 (pdf)
Headlines: Y2K: Are you Ready?; Moving Violations; What a Waste! Pre-Experiment Reduction, Post-Experiment Reduction, Recycling Materials; Attention: New Changes in Lead Packaging for Phosphorus-32; Test Your Safety I.Q.; Hot Tips: Pregnant Radiation Workers; A Halloween Horror Story; Halloween Safety Reminder; Links to Safety; Are you a New PI?
July/August 1999 (pdf)
Headlines: Laboratory Ergonomics: Microscope Use; Glove Compatibility: How to Choose the Right Glove; What a Waste! Summer Housekeeping Chores; Hot Tips: X-Ray Surveys: Using Radiation-Producing Equipment; Top Ten Considerations for Selection of Gloves
May/June 1999 (pdf)
Headlines: Laboratory Ergonomics: Handling Test Tubes; Safety Checks: Eyewash Stations and Safety Showers; What a Waste! Mercury Thermometer Safety Tips; Lead Pigs; Annual Fire Drills; Training News! Chemical Safety: OSHA Laboratory Standard Training Radiation Safety: Radiation Retraining Class on the Web; Basic Evacuation Plan
March/April 1999 (pdf, html)
Headlines: Controlling Laboratory Ergonomic Risk Factors; New Respirator Standard in Effect; What a Waste! Chemical Storage and Waste Minimization; Lose Your Badge? Chemical Safety Manual Update; CWRU Research Laboratory Relocation; Proper Fire Alarm Response
January/February 1999 (pdf, html)
Headlines: New Assistant Director of Radiation Safety: Bill Stephany; The Laboratory's Chemical Hygiene Plan; What Waste! Recycling Materials for the Still; Ordering Replacement Radioactive Isotopes; Watch Your Step!; How to Report an Employee Related Injury or Illness: Needlestick Injuries Are Especially Under-Reported; Certification of Laminar Flow Hoods & Biological Safety Cabinets: Form Now on D.O.E.S.' Homepage; Needlestick Injuries and Their Prevention
No November/December 1998 newsletter
September/October 1998 (pdf, html)
Headlines: Annual Fall Certification of Laminar Flow Hoods & Biological Safety Cabinets; New Radioactive Waste Forms; What Waste! Chemical Waste: Write It Out; Hey Bike Riders!; Safe Chemical Storage; Hot Tips: Radioactive Waste Shredder; Remember! Check with Us Before Shipping
July/August 1998 (pdf, html)
Headlines: Time for Formaldehyde Retraining?; Working with Hydrofluoric Acid; Focus On: Safety with Corrosive Materials; Hot Tips: New Training Class for Non-Radiation Workers; Creating a Designated Area
May/June 1998 (pdf, html)
Headlines: Ergonomics in the Laboratory; Sewer Gas Odor?; Recycling Materials for the Still; Halogen Lamps: Are They Safe?; Working Safely with Lasers; Radioactive SHARPS; Workstation Assessment for Microscope Use; A Posture Quiz
March/April 1998 (pdf, html)
Headlines: New Air Monitoring Programs to be Instituted; Storing Flammables in Refrigerators; Is there a Bomb in Your Lab?; Radioactive Waste Segregation; Methylene Chloride in Consumer Products; What Waste! Recycling of Styrofoam Containers in NOT Acceptable
January/February 1998 (pdf, html)
Headlines: Radioactive Isotope Requisition Forms; Compliance Issues: Departmental Training; Focus On: Electric Space Heaters; Annual Laboratory Inspections
October/November 1997 (pdf)
Headlines: New Laundry Facilities Available; When Your Computer Fails...; What Waste! Change in Recycling Procedures; Using Dry Ice Safety; Inactive All Status; Surveys During Experiments; Using Perchloric Acid in Fume Hoods; Latex Gloves: Are You Safe?; Hot Work
August/September 1997 (pdf)
Headlines: Allergic Reactions to Latex; Secure Radioactive Materials; Hey! Bike Riders!; What Waste! Xylene, Ethanol, Acetone: Recyclable Materials; Personal Protective Equipment Outside the Lab; Radioactive Waste Reduction: Use Spill Trays; Food and Latex?; It's Shocking! Working with Electricity
June/July 1997 (pdf)
Headlines: Gloves and Chemical Compatibility; Dimethylmercury Causes a Death; What Waste! Mercury Wastes; Mercury Storage Tips; Hot Tips: Internal Transfers of Radioactive Materials; Radioisotope Inventory Report; Fume Hood Testing; Fume Hood Tips; Glove Compatibility Chart
April/May 1997 (pdf)
Headlines: Radiation Safety: Incident Reporting and Waste Labeling; Waste Minimization Techniques; What Waste! Still Recycling; Don't Recap Syringes; Lockout/Tagout; Hot Tips: Changes to Waste Pick-Up Protocol
February/March 1997 (pdf)
Headlines: Styrofoam Continued...; Personnel Monitors; What Waste! Spring Cleaning: Taking Out the Trash!; Safety Checks: Eyewash Stations and Safety Showers; Non-Mercury Thermometers; Hot Tips: No Food or Drink; Take a Good Look at Those Chemical Warning Labels
January 1997 (pdf)
Headlines: Recycle Styrofoam? Not Any More; Radioactive Waste Segregation; What Waste! Biohazardous "Red Bag" Waste; Odors in the Open; Household Hazardous Waste; Hot Tips: Radioactive Materials Reminders; Watch Your Step!
No December 1997 issue
October/November 1996 (pdf)
Headlines: Proper Fire Alarm Response; Unattended Operations: Keep Them Safe; What Waste! Glass and Sharps Disposal—What Goes Where?; Respirator Training: Is It For You?; Hot Tips: How to do a Survey; Machine Guards
September 1996 (pdf)
Headlines: Special Radiation Training Session; Under Revision: The CWRU Safety Manual; What Waste! Package Receipt Protocol: Disposing the Container; Hey! Bike Riders!; Hot Tips: Using 35S at High Temperatures; Eye Protection: A Little Means a Lot; Contact Dermatitis: Are You Allergic?; Wash the Eyewash
August 1996 (pdf)
Headlines: Chemical Storage? Not in Fume Hoods!; Reminder! D.O.E.S. Homepage; What Waste! Laboratory Waste: What Goes Where?; Recycling Anyone?; Lab Wear Outside the Lab; Hot Tips: Pregnant Radiation Workers; Safe Chemical Storage; CWRU Waste Disposal Procedures
July 1996 (pdf)
Headlines: New! D.O.E.S. Gets Its Own Server; Laboratory Inspections; What Waste! Safe Housekeeping: Keep Your Lab Clean and Safe; Hot Tips: Conversions: CPM to DPM; Annual Fire Drills; Keep Fire Doors Closed; Sewer Gas Odor?
May/June 1996 (pdf)
Headlines: Fire in the BRB; New Location for Training Sessions; What Waste! Recycling Issues: Do We Recycle Fluorescent Bulbs?; Emergency Eye Wash and Shower Stations: Keep Them Clean!; Is There a Bomb in Your Lab?; Hot Tips: No Food or Drink in the Lab; Non-Mercury Thermometers; Every Accident Has its Cause
April 1996 issue (html)
Headlines: D.O.E.S. Moves Out; Do You Know Your Oxidizers; Is Your pH Correct?; Transporting Radioactive Material; Ordering Replacement Radioactive Isotopes; Safety Services FYI; Seasonal Hazards; Chemical Spill Response
February/March 1996 issue (html)
Headlines: Extremely Hazardous Chemicals: What They Are, How to Work with Them; Surprise NRC Inspection!: Radiation Training: So Many Sessions to Choose From; Radioactive Material Shipments: Standing Orders; Waste Minimization in Other Campus Programs; Watch Your Step!
January 1996 issue (html)
Headlines: Handling and Storing Compressed Gases in Cylinders; Using Flexible Tubing to Supply Natural Gas to Small Appliances; Chemical Fume Hoods; Radiation Cleanup; Real-life Radiation Accidents (and What You Can Do to Prevent Them); Take a Good Look at Those Chemical Warning Labels
November 1995 issue (html)
Headlines: Ohio Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law and University Vehicles; Methylene Chloride in Consumer Products; MSDS—Access Documentation to be Sent Out; Using Phenol Safely: Know the Dangers; Attention PIs: Waste Pick-Up; Respirator Training; Recycling Chemical Containers
August/September 1995 issue (html)
Headlines: Biohazardous Waste Containers; Leaving CWRU: Decommissioning Labs; MSDS on CWRUnet; "Near Misses" and "Close Calls"; DOT Regulations: Requirements for Shipping; New Radiation Workers
June/July 1995 issue (html)
Headlines: Fire Alarms: Evacuating Effectively; Drain Disposal: What Can You Put Down the Drain?; Moving: What to Do; Peroxide Formation in Ether; Finding the Right Meter for the Job; Safety with Corrosive materials; Waste Disposal Trays
May 1995 issue (html)
Headlines: Annual Fire Drills; Alternatives to Liquid Scintillation Counting: Using a GM Probe; Cleanup of Radioactive Contamination; Radioactive Waste Pick-Ups: A Review; Ordering Waste Containers; Waste Minimization Techniques
March/April 1995 issue (html)
Headlines: Chemical Waste Forms; Disposal of Empty Chemical Containers; pH Testing: Your Liquid Waste Needs It; Radioactive Isotope Requisition Forms; Ordering Replacement Radioactive Isotopes; SHARPS DISPOSAL: A Reminder; What Constitutes Liquid Waste?; Radioactive Survey Documentation: What is Needed
November 1994 issue (html)
Headlines: Effective Sterilization: the Autoclave; Bloodborne Pathogen Retraining: A New Format; Industrial Hygiene on Campus; Containing Radioactive Liquid Waste; Safety Manuals On-Line; Distillation and Reclamation: CWRU's New Still; Do You Have a Use for the Still?
October 1994 issue (html)
Headlines: Commissioning Surveys; Eye-Opening News—Contact Lenses: Not for Labs; Lockout/Tagout; CWRU's Low Level Radioactive Waste; New Personal Training Procedure
September 1994 issue (html)
Headlines: The New Chemical Store: Chemicals in One Gallon or Less; Spontaneous Eruption: Explosion in the BRB; The MSDS: a Chemical User's Safety Resource; New hazardous Waste Tag; Safety with Perchlorates; Following the Rules: Why the "Regs" Don't Always Make Sense
July/August 1994 issue (html)
Headlines: Campus Fire Hazards; Fire Safety on Campus: Prevention and Protection; Chemical "Unknowns": How Fire Can Erupt; Using Electricity Safely
June 1994 issue (html)
Headlines: Etiologic Agents Defined; Laboratory Gloves: Are You Using the Right Ones?; Fire Safety on Campus: Prevention and Protection; Chemical "Unknowns": How Fire Can Erupt; Using Electricity Safely
May 1994 issue (html)
Headlines: Household Hazardous Waste; The Chemical Hygiene Plan: An OSHA Mandate; Heavy Metals; Real-Life Radiation Accidents (and How You Can Prevent Them); Radioactive Liquid Waste: Issues Involved; Seasonal Hazards; University Fleet Operations
March 1994 issue (html)
Headlines: Formaldehyde and Air Monitoring; Sorting Out Laboratory Waste; Picric Acid: A Serious Explosive; Disposal of Radioactive Waste in the Sanitary Sewer; Vial Control
October 1993 issue (html)
Headlines: Do You Have to Wear that Badge?; You Can't Take it With You: DOT Regulations for Transporting Chemicals; Urgent!! Product Recall: Ethyl Ether; If You Leave; or, the Great Chemical Give Away; Cutting Down on Mercury Salts; Are You a New PI?
November 1993 issue (html)
Headlines: Disposal of Acrylamide Gels; The "Hazards" of Chemicals; Handling and Storing Compressed Gases in Cylinders; Holiday Fire Safety; Disposal of Radioactive Liquids; Seven Rules of Biosafety; Incident in Smith Building
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