Write a letter to your success team; due May 30

Students and faculty member standing and talking

Your letter to your success team is the first opportunity you’ll have to connect with your academic advisor and navigator. The information you provide will be used to help advise and support your academic journey beginning this summer with your navigator, and throughout your first year with your academic advisor.

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Your First-Year academic advisor is also your SAGES First Seminar Instructor. Together, they will work with you to develop an understanding of your unique interests, talents and aspirations as you identify and pursue academic interests and goals.

In your letter to your success team, share your interests and goals as well as the hopes and expectations you have for this year. You should also feel free to express any concerns you have, whether they are related to academics or college life in general. Use your letter to let them know about any special circumstances that may be useful to know in advising you. The more your team knows about you, the better they can support you.

Don’t worry if all of your interests and plans aren't finalized yet—you should mention that, too. Your navigator and advisor will be great resources for helping you explore, clarify and realize your goals.