Welcome: You're One of Us!
May 8
- May 18

Welcome! We are here for you and are excited for you to make CWRU your own. The Roadmap helps you prepare for your arrival on campus and we will explain what is happening every step of the way. This is a journey we will take together!

Plan: Getting to Know CWRU
May 18
- May 25

This will be a time to help you plan for your arrival and start to acquaint you with services and resources that are available to students. You'll make sure that your financial aid forms are complete if that applies to you, and you'll take a couple of diagnostic tests to help us place you in appropriate classes.

Live: Your New Home
June 1
- June 30


The month of June is all about establishing your new home—you'll complete your housing information, you'll learn all about Cleveland and you'll become familiar with policies and values that make CWRU a safe, exciting and healthy community. Of course, if you have any questions along the way, you will contact your navigator.

Learn: Your Academic Experience Takes Shape
July 1
- July 31
  • FYI: July 3
  • SIS overview for course registration
  • Explore Your CWRU Backpack
  • Course registration opens July 9
  • Select your top four SAGES course options
  • FYI: July 11
  • Learn about integrity in your academic experience
  • Experiential Education opportunities in your first year
  • Diversity 360 Video
  • FYI: July 18
  • Connect with your navigator about your courses
  • Review important Title IX information
  • Alcohol Education module
  • Introduction to the Common Reading
  • FYI: July 25

Course registration is a big part of July, and we are here to help. You'll continue to read FYI each week, and between that and several online education pieces, you will start to feel like a real CWRU student!

Connect: Joining Our Community
August 1
- August 15
  • FYI: Aug. 1
  • Sign up for a move-in time as you plan your arrival
  • [U]Tech module
  • What to expect during Discover Week
  • FYI: Aug. 8
  • Your SAGES class meeting: Discover Cleveland assignment; more
  • Register to vote in your new city through Turbo Vote
  • Handshake information: Finding a job on campus
  • FYI: Aug. 15

You'll be on campus in just a few days, and we are ready for you! During this time you will confirm some details related to your arrival on campus—and we will share information about that with you, and you'll learn some things about your schedule during Discover Week—our week-long orientation program.

Discover: Your Week-Long Orientation
August 18
- August 25
  • Move-in day
  • Meet your orientation leaders and your group
  • Participate in multiple programs and activities
  • More details will be on our Campus Groups app

Welcome to campus! This is your in-person, fun-filled, make-lots-of-new-friends-and-learn-a-lot week-long orientation! Our orientation leaders are working all summer to prepare for your arrival and the entire campus is excited for the week to begin.

Engage: Your First Semester Begins!
August 25
- October 15
  • A calendar of events and programs designed for new students

As your first year begins, engaging in your new community will be an integral part of your success as a CWRU student. We will be showcasing the many opportunities you will have to get involved, dive deeper into things you learned during Discover Week and continue to form relationships with faculty, staff and your peers.