Graduate Advisor Newsletter - October 2022

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Welcome to this month's edition of the School of Graduate Studies newsletter to faculty advisors! Below you will find information on upcoming deadlines, academic policies, news, and more. Past newsletters will be archived on our website for you to review any time you wish.

Important Upcoming Dates

Please make sure you and your students are aware of these important dates and deadlines. Some may require your review, approval, and signature.

  • Nov 11 - Deadline for Class Withdrawal
  • Nov 11 - Deadline to Audit
  • Nov 11 - Final Date to Resolve Spring & Summer 2022 Incompletes
  • Nov 18 - Deadline to Submit Videos for 3MT Competition
  • Nov 24-25 - Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec 9 - Deadline to Submit All Final Materials for Fall 2022 Graduation

Academic Policy Briefs


Grades of Incomplete (I) can only be assigned for letter-graded and P/NP courses for extenuating circumstances and only when a student who is passing the course fails to complete a small, evaluative segment of the course. All work for the incomplete grade must be made up and the change of grade recorded in the SIS by the date specified by the instructor, but no later than the 11th week of class (Friday, November 11).

See the complete policy on Incomplete grades in the General Bulletin here.

Advising Hold

Before your students can register for spring 2023 classes next month, you will have to remove an advising hold on their accounts in SIS. Advising holds are automatically placed onto a student's account each semester before registration opens for the following term. If students have additional holds on their accounts in SIS they will not be able to register until all holds are resolved. Information on how to remove holds can be found on the SIS resources page.

Dissertation Defense

Doctoral candidates must submit the Notification for Scheduling the Final Oral Exam to Graduate Studies at least three weeks prior to the scheduled defense date. If the student intends to graduate in January, they should pay careful attention to submission deadlines and plan accordingly. Dissertation defenses (like classes) are to be held in-person (if special circumstances exist, students can petition Grad Studies for exceptions). See our Graduation page for more details.

Useful Information

Course Audit or Withdrawal

The last day for students to audit a course or withdraw from a single course (as long as it is not their only class) is Friday, November 11. Full tuition (no refund) is charged for audited or withdrawn courses. Students should speak to their advisor as well as the instructor of the course before auditing or withdrawing.

To audit a course, students must email a completed Add/Drop Form to To withdraw, most classes can be done in SIS following these instructions on class registration (starting at #20).

Three Minute Thesis Competition

After a successful first year, the Three Minute Thesis (3MT™) returns to CWRU! 3MT celebrates the exciting research conducted by graduate students around the world. Developed by The University of Queensland, the competition cultivates students' academic, presentation, and research communication skills. Presenting in a 3MT competition increases their capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. The deadline to submit videos for the competition's first round is Friday, November 18. Interested students are encouraged to view the 2022-23 information session slides and register for upcoming events.

Google Storage 100 GB Cap

Because Google will end unlimited Google Workspace storage for CWRU users by July 2024, [U]Tech will implement a 100 GB cap for storage on Wednesday, November 2. No files will be deleted at this time but any user with storage in excess of the limit will not be able to upload additional files and any shared files will become read-only. Google Workspace includes Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. All users are requested to download or delete any files that do not need to be in the Workspace and limit files to those in accordance with the University’s acceptable use policy. Contact [U]Tech with questions, to request assistance, or to discuss other online storage options.

Funding for Students

Our latest student newsletter has information on funding opportunities you may wish to share with your students.

Meet the Incoming Summer & Fall 2022 Grad Students

  • Academic Plans: 420 (61.5%) Masters students; and 262 (38.5%) Doctoral students
  • Gender: 345 (50.6%) Female; 329 (48.2%) Male; and 8 (1%) Other
  • Minority Ethnic Groups: 264 Asian; 50 Black or African American; 43 Hispanic or Latinx; 19 multi-ethnic; and 25 other
  • International Students: 32% of incoming grad students are international, representing 34 countries!

University Resources

Please be aware of University Resources you can share with your students as needed. We will highlight a few each month.

New Resources for Off Campus Housing

CWRU has just launched a new off-campus housing website to help students as well as faculty and staff find options in the Cleveland area with map-based search tools, virtual tours, photos and videos, searchable amenities, and real-time pricing/availability. The new service also includes a roommate finder for both those who already have housing and those hunting for a rental.

Other Resources