Students should be aware of graduation requirements early in pursuit of master's and doctoral work. All students are required to apply in advance to graduate. Do this by completing the graduation application in the Student Information System (SIS).

Select your degree for detailed steps to completion:

Students who fail to meet the established deadlines must reapply to graduate. Do this by submitting another application. Adhere to deadline dates, check the calendar. The deadlines posted are firm.


The university holds one Commencement ceremony each year in the middle of May. All students who graduate in the preceding summer, fall, and spring semesters are invited to attend. For those attending commencement, we highly recommend that you become familiar with the information available via the commencement site. 


Spring graduates will receive their diploma at commencement. If you are unable to participate in the commencement ceremony, spring diplomas can be picked up the following business day. For summer and fall graduates, diplomas will be available at the School of Graduate Studies office in Tomlinson Hall on the date degrees are awarded. These dates are posted on our calendar.

The university holds diplomas and final transcripts until all financial obligations are met. These must be cleared at least one week before graduation.

Students who want a representative to pick up their diploma are required to send the School of Graduate Studies a request via email to including the name of the representative. That representative should bring photo identification when picking up the diploma.

If you are unable to pick up your diploma and would it mailed, complete the Diploma Mailing Information Form (you will need to log in to Campus Groups) and will pay the associated fees listed below. 

Diploma Mailing Costs

U.S. Addresses $18
Canada $30
Other International $38