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Slate Application Management System

Slate Instructional Documentation

    Navigating Reader and the Bins - IMPORTANT, READ FIRST

    • How the bin structure works, passing the applicant through the review process, navigating the application in Reader

    Administrator Instructions - IMPORTANT

    • Step-by-step instructions for Department Assistants and Department Chairs

    Lookup Records

    • Search for applicants

    Slate Applicant Profile

    • Navigate the profile, review checklist items, and view decision letters

      Running Slate Queries

      • Creating an Excel spreadsheet of your applicants

      Committee Review Instructions

      • Step-by-step instructions to provide to committee members

      Applicant Student Status Portal

      • Applicant-view of the application portal and how to access their decision letter

      How to Record Official Documents in Slate

      • Recording and uploading transcripts, letters or recommendation, GRE scores, and language scores


      Zoom Training Sessions

      Department Administrators / Chairs - Admin who will be running queries, moving files between bins, and reviewing the applicant data. 

      Completed! Video recordings were sent via email for reference. 

      Faculty/Committee Members - Review committees or those who will just be looking over applications with no further administrative functions. 

      Completed! Video recordings were sent via email for reference. 


      Frequently Asked Questions

      See the Running Slate Queries PDF for step-by-step instructions. If your query needs altered in any way or you would like to request an additional specific query, contact SGS Admissions. 

      When viewing an application in Reader, click on the applicant's bolded name at the top of the screen. This will open a menu which allows you to Download PDF. This will open the application in a new browser window. Click Download in the upper right corner and save it to your computer. 

      Yes, official transcripts and test scores are now uploaded into Slate. See the How to Record Official Documents in Slate PDF for instructions.