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Meet the incoming Fall 2018 grad students

We wanted to provide some statistics to show you what the incoming group of students looks like from Summer and Fall 2018. As the chilly weather sets in, be sure to give these students a warm welcome as they continue to settle in to the CWRU community. 

Academic Plans: 1,354 (52.4%) Masters students and 1,225 (47.4%) Doctoral students

Sex: 1,311 Females (50.7%) and 1,271 Males (49.1) and 3 Other or Unknown

Minority Ethnic Groups: 1 American Indian, 179 Black, 1 Hawaiian, 154 Latino, 68 Multi-ethnic, and 151 Unknown

International Students: 37.6% of the incoming grad students are international, representing 71 countries! 

Academic Affairs

The deadline to drop a class is Friday, November 9th!

If a student needs to withdraw from a single class (as long as it is not their only class), they must do so in SIS by going to the Academics section of the Student Center and choose Enrollment: Drop in the drop down menu. Then click the arrow button and choose Fall 2018. On the next page they will choose the class they wish to drop and will then proceed through the steps until the withdrawal is completed. Note that this is a different process than withdrawing from all of your classes for the entire semester. 

By dropping the class, be aware that they will receive a grade of W on the transcript and a 0% tuition refund. They should consult with the advisor before withdrawing from any courses. 

If students are looking to change a graded class to an Audit, they must do so by November 9th.

The deadline to change a class to an Audit is quickly approaching. Students should consult their advisor before switching. Note that they cannot change from an Audit to Graded, and an Audit will show up on the transcripts. In order to change to an Audit, the student will need to submit an Add/Drop Form signed by the advisor to Graduate Studies. 


The online application is open for people to apply for Spring, Summer and Fall 2019!

A few notes about the online application:

  • If they are applying to multiple programs, they will need to use a different email address for each app and pay the application fee.
  • Applicants do not need to send official test scores, they can simply upload their GRE, MCAT, TOEFL, etc test score report sheet onto the application. They are considered unofficial and official copies will be requested if the applicant is accepted. 
  • Applicants also should not be mailing in official transcripts during the review process. They can simply upload them onto the online application. If accepted, they will need to submit the official copies. 
  • The minimum language scores are as follows: TOEFL (90), IELTS (7.0), Pearson PTE Academic (61), however, some programs require higher scores. We cannot admit applicants who do not meet these requirements. 
  • If a student chooses to Defer to a later term, please let us know so that we can update their letter and SIS record. 

Remember to make admissions decisions early so that newly admitted students have time to plan. Also, don't forget about the April 15th Resolution! We cannot require applicants to accept any offers involving aid before April 15th, 2019. 

Professional Development Center

The University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education will offer a Graduate Student Professional Development and Learning Seminar during Fall 2018. 

All seminars will be held in Clapp 201. These seminars are open to all graduate students and post docs, so encourage them to attend. Those with questions can contact Elise Geither at elg65@case.edu

Postdoctoral Affairs

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Campus Community

Group therapy and support sessions are available to keep students feeling connected and on track!

There are a TON of group therapy sessions and support groups across campus that students can take advantage of. Everything from grief support, anxiety, work-life balance, women earning PhDs, resilience, stress management, and building better relationships with food and our bodies. There are even groups for spouses and partners of medical school students! Call Health and Counseling Services if you have any questions, need advice, or to check out all of the available programs for students. 

Money Talks

There are many funding options out there for grad students, help them make those connections and save a buck!
Do you know of any students presenting at a conference? 

Have them check out our professional development funding page to see if they qualify for any of our conference funding and to review all of the guidelines. These funds are managed by the School of Graduate Studies. 

  • Graduate Student Travel Award (GSTA): 50/50 funds (up to $500 for domestic and $1,000 for international) matched by the department to assist with expenses when presenting at a conference. The GSTA Application must be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to traveling, no funds will be awarded if the application is submitted after the fact. 
  • Verhosek Fund (V-Fund): Up to $250 to assist with expenses when presenting at a conference. The V-Fund Application can be submitted up to 60 days after the conference takes place. 
Do you know a student with a big idea for a project but they need funding?

The Sears think[box] Student Project Fund could provide students up to $2,500 in material support for personal projects, team projects, entrepreneurial activities or design competitions. 

Being a parent is tough, it's even tougher trying to juggle a graduate career at the same time. Believe it or not, there is monetary Child Care Support available to allow you to travel to professional conferences, research opportunities or meetings. 

The President's Committee on Child Care Options understands that you may be wearing many hats. They wanted to give you the opportunity to pursue your own academic endeavors while still supporting your family. Check out the options for child care support while you travel, as well as temporary and back-up child care. 

Upcoming Events

Sunday November 4th- Daylight Savings Time Ends, turn your clocks back. As the old saying goes, "Spring forward and Fall back." On Saturday November 3rd before you go to bed, set all of your clocks back exactly one hour. 

Wednesday November 7th- Benefits Fair. Speak with Benelect insurance carrier representatives and find out about your benefits options. The updated 2019 Benelect Guide will be available soon.