Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below, you will find  the questions and answers that graduate students commonly ask. 

Policies and Procedures

Yes, students can repeat a maximum of two courses during their degree program.

Full-time status requires registration for a minimum of 9 semester hours per semester and the maximum course load is 17 semester hours.

Yes, students wishing to take an overload must receive approval from their graduate program. The program should then send the overload request to Graduate Studies for final approval and processing.

Fill out the Drop/Add Form before the semester deadline for drop / add.

Fill out the Fellowship Course application form, which should be signed by the course instructor, your advisor and the School of Graduate Studies. Make 

Yes, students wishing to transfer credit to their current master's degree program must fill out the Transfer of Credit Request Form. Doctoral students should not use this form and should instead contact the School of Graduate Studies to inquire about transfering credit.

Yes, students that need to take a LOA need to fill out the Leave of Absence request form.

Students should contact their respective department and the School of Graduate Studies prior to their return to request reactivation of their record.

Students wishing to witthdraw from the university must send an official notice to their department and the School of Graduate Studies.

Covid-19 Policies and Protocols

Case Western Reserve University requires COVID-19 vaccinations for faculty, staff and students.

Case Western Reserve now also requires that all members of the campus community document receipt of a booster dose.

Students, faculty and staff can receive vaccinations at on-campus vaccine clinics. See the vaccine calendar for more information on locations and operating hours.

Fill out the Student Request for Medical Exemption from Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination policy form. Have your healthcare provider complete the provider request form and email the completed forms to

You may choose when to wear your mask. However, wearing masks is compulsory in classrooms, clinical settings and when using university transportation.


Work with your advisor and committee members to decide on a date, time and place for your defense. Make certain the defense date occurs before the established deadline for the term.

Determine a defense date with your advisor and committee members. Submit the Notification for Scheduling the Final Oral Exam Form to the School of Graduate Studies at least three weeks prior to your defense date.

Request your advisor, all committee members and the department chair to sign the Final Certification for the PhD Degree Form. Submit all final materials before the deadline.

All students must be registered for at least one credit hour in the term in which they defend and/or graduate.

Fill out the Waiver of Registration Form for the next semester in order to be exempt from fully enrolling in a courses while being elligible to graduate. This form waives the requirement for students to be registered for atleast one credit hour in the term in which they defend / graduate.


No, there isn't a form for submitting petitions.

Petitions can be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies via email,

The student's department / program usually should endorse the petition, if the petitition is related to academics.

Planned Program of Study (PPOS)

A PPOS is a form that outlines—in consultation with the major faculty advisor—the courses and other requirements for the student to obtain their degree.

A PPOS can be submited via SIS (exception for IGS and BS/MS students). See the University Registrar's website for more detailed instructions.

Students pursuing integrated programs submit a paper version of their PPOS during the admissions process and are exempt from the SIS process

Graduate students are required to have submitted a PPOS by their second semester of study. IGS and BS/MS students must submit one during their admissions process.

Yes, more information on how to create and revise a PPOS can be found on this reference sheet.

Funding and Travel Awards

The Graduate Student Travel Award provides funds to sponsor full-time graduate student enrolled in the School of Graduate Studies to attend conferences at which a paper or poster will be presented. Academic departments are required to contribute funds, a 50/50 match, to demonstrate support of the application.

The maximum matching contribution from SGS is $500 for travel within the United States and $1,000 for international travel.

The School of Graduate Studies doesn't offer any scholarships. Students should consider outside funding opportunities or contact the office of Financial Aid.

Graduate and professional students at CWRU can enroll their children at Sweet Kiddles Flexible Childcare Centers and the School of Graduate Studies will pay the annual family membership fee, as well as a maximum of $1,000 for childcare.

See the Tuition Rates Page for more information and any other exceptions.

The Memorandum of Assistance form is required of all graduate and professional students applying for financial aid.

The MOA is completed by the graduate department for the program in which the student is enrolled. A graduate department representative completes the form and forwards it directly to the Office of University Financial Aid. Request your department to fill out this form for you.

Graduation Materials

Login to SIS. Select Academics > Graduation.

Login to SIS. Select Academics > Graduation. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>?????????????

Students who apply for both commencement and graduation will have their degree conferred and can attend the degree awarding ceremony (commencement). Students that only apply for graduation, but not commencement, will have their degree conferred but will not attend the ceremony.

Refer to the link for more information on what materials must be submitted before graduation.

When applying for graduation in SIS, students can list an adddress to which they would like for their diploma to be delivered to.

Yes,CeDiplomas & CeCertificates can be requested on the University Registrar's website.

Yes. Send an email to and indicate the name of the person who will be picking up your diploma for you. Ask the person picking up for you to bring their ID with them.

English Language Help

Students can sign up for the Spoken English Language Partner (SELP) program to practice vocbulary, fluency and pronunciation in English.

Yes, spouses are welcome to join any of the seminars.

The Writing Center in College of Arts and Science

Log on to TutorTrac using your CWRU ID and password. Click on "Go to… Make Appointment" and choose "Spoken English Tutoring."

Other Resources

The Graduate Student Council. More information can be found here.

Yes, check out the CNGLS website for more information.

Yes, graduate students can make use of the food pantry located in Tomlinson 217. Appointments to use the food pantry have to be made by filling out this form.

The CWRU Student Emergency Fund was created to assist CWRU students who need short term financial support due to an emergency, accident, or other unplanned event. More information on eligibility and the application process can be found here.

Reach out to Utech (University Technology) help desk either by submitting an online service ticket or by visiting the Utech C.A.R.E center in Kelvin Smith Library.

Interested graduate students should connect with their department of interest or arrange a tour to see how their degree program can fit in their schedule. Those interested in a general campus tour can schedule to have the in- person campus tours, arranged by the Undergraduate Office.

Non-Degree Programs

The school of graduate studies offers the following non-degree seeking programs: Classics Certificate,Clinical Research Graduate Certificate (CRSP), Clinical Research Fellow (CRF) and the Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP).

The application fee for non-degree programs is $50.

Application waivers for non-degree members are only available to current CWRU employees(this does not include UH, CCF, Metro, or VA employees). The waiver is automatically applied once you indicate on your application that you are a CWRU employee.

Yes, the deadlines for each semester are listed on the Deadlines page under the non- degree tab.

Non-degree students are ineligible for federal financial aid, however, private loans are available to domestic students.