• Hillel at CWRU: Cultivating Jewish Student Life on Campus and in the Community
  • A �Home away from home� for students providing an array of Jewish cultural, educational, religious, and social experiences to explore and celebrate Jewish life in a pluralistic manner
  • Jewish studies courses (academic minor) and a university organized kosher meal plan

Hillel at Case Western Reserve University

Cultivating a Positive Jewish Community For All Students

Welcome! Hillel at Case Western Reserve University is dedicated to creating a welcoming and diverse Jewish community on campus and serving as the center of Jewish student life at CWRU. Hillel provides students with cultural, religious and social programming; leadership opportunities; Shabbat and Holiday celebrations; and Israel and Jewish education, all while being part of a multicultural and multi-religious educational environment.

The Geller Hillel Student Center provides a "home-away-from home" for Jewish students, and right in the heart of campus and University Circle.

Operated by the Cleveland Hillel Foundation, our Hillel building is open to students from all 12 colleges and universities in the Greater Cleveland area. This gives all students an opportunity to meet fellow Jewish students from their own university and beyond.

Cleveland Hillel offers a variety of programming throughout the year in coordination with CWRU and neighboring schools. Many programs include kosher meals or snacks, making sure we live up to the idea of being your "home-away-from home".

If you have an idea that can make our campus an even better place for students, we encourage you to connect with us today!

For more information on all things Hillel, please visit us at www.clevelandhillel.org