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Dr. Min from Mass General Hospital

Dr. Min Lang

Radiology Resident, Massachusetts General Hospital 

Clinical Fellow in Radiology, Harvard Medical School

Boston, MA

How did you discover HoloAnatomy® Software?

I was a medical student at Case Western Reserve University. I witnessed firsthand the transition from anatomy education based on cadaveric dissection to HoloAnatomy® Digital Lab. Cadaveric dissection was time-consuming and understanding the anatomy was difficult due to the lack of anatomic labeling.

Using the HoloAnatomy® Software Suite eliminated the need to procure large number of cadavers, but also improved educational efficiency.

I was able to seamlessly pinpoint the anatomic structure on a human body and visualize anatomic structure in relation to the rest of the body.

The ability to interact with other students during the same session improved the learning experience through peer-to-peer teaching.

Finally, using the HoloAnatomy® Software enable students to learn on their own time, without meeting the frustration of limited access to cadavers during nights and weekends. 

What is the impact of HoloAnatomy® Software?

HoloAnatomy® Software has a tremendous impact on medical education and has the potential to replace cadaveric dissection and to greatly supplement text book learning.

The ability to learn interactively and collaborative allows for greater knowledge retention. 

The HoloAnatomy® Software allows in depth understanding of the human anatomy. The greatest advantage is the ability to customize the learning experience, from visualizing distinct anatomy such as vascular vs muscular anatomy, and the ability for multiple users to collaborate and interact within the same session. 

How did HoloAnatomy® Software change the direction of your work?

We are currently using HoloAnatomy® Software to develop educational sessions for medical students on their radiology rotation and for incoming radiology residents to better understand the basic human anatomy. 

What are your 3 favorite things about HoloAnatomy® Software?
  • The ability to have multiple users looking at the same model regardless of geography
  • The ability to make your own education sessions
  • Teacher and student accounts that allows easier teaching and ability to set up test sessions
In the future, because of the HoloAnatomy® Software, what do you think could happen to the delivery of education?

The collaborative and interactive experience offered through HoloAnatomy® Software is tremendous. Education is no longer limited geographically and can occur simultaneously across the globe. In addition, our residency program collaborates with hospitals in Africa for exchange of knowledge. In the time of a global pandemic, this technology will enable ongoing exchange of knowledge and experience without having to leave the country.