Oxford University Hospitals

Oxford University Hospitals

Dr. Tom Cosker

Dr. Tom Cosker FRCS

Consultant Orthopaedic Oncology Surgeon & Lead Clinician for Sarcoma, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford

College Assessor, Royal College of Surgeons of England

Former Director of Human Anatomy, University of Oxford

What are the strengths of HoloAnatomy® Software?

Anatomy has previously been all about learning from cadavers, and then translating that knowledge from textbooks and from other media to try and really learn the anatomy as best we can. But we all learn in very different ways, some of us are very visual, some of us are book readers, some of us are audio learners. And of course all of us have had the experience over the years of trying to learn information that we can regurgitate simply to pass an exam. 

We all need to pass exams in life, but what we really need is this cradle to grave philosophy where we are empowering our students to learn this information that they'll not just keep for six months to pass an exam, or a year to pass their final exams, but actually for the next ten, twenty, thirty years of their career.

The strength of the HoloLens and the HoloAnatomy® Software is that they produce beautiful, exquisitely detailed, immersive visuals.  When you are using it you integrate yourself in this mixed reality world. The beauty of this product as opposed any other VR’s on a market is the ability to work collaboratively with your colleagues and professor in a large group, in-person and remotely. It enables you to take the anatomy from textbooks to something much more visual, 3D, and life-like.

It seems to ingrain itself in the student’s brain, and they will remember it for years to come.